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Process equipment in the pharmaceutical industry
Process equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals

Many challenges exist within the pharmaceutical industry, and more so post-covid. We explore some of the challenges presented by organisations worldwide.

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SUCO introduces plasma cleaning

SUCO now offers customers plasma-cleaned pressure switches and sensors for various industrial and medical applications.

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Products for hygienic production lines from Anderson Negele, Jung Process Systems and Definox
Essentials for your production line - Process Management Systems

The instrumentation shown measures and controls the pressure, flow and level of liquids and gases within the production line. We aim to help you save money and reduce waste on your production line using this range of selected products.

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IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things

Several years have been spent with our partners to develop a range within IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things). We want to make it easier for our customers to take a step into the digital world.

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Anderson Negele conductivity and turbidity sensors for precise CIP cleaning
Precise CIP control using conductivity and turbidity sensors saves you money

Conductivity and turbidity meters make a good deal of sense in CIP systems in dairies, breweries, the beverage industry, wine production, juice production and other food companies.

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ESI GD4200-USB pressure sensor and software for data logging
Importance of leak testing with the GD4200-USB

More than a billion leak tests are carried out on critical components every year across many different industries. Leak testing is performed using pressure to check a system for leaks and defects, such as cracks, holes or bad seals.

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Thinking about a pigging system for your production line?

We tell you the basics for adding a pigging system to your production line in a quick overview.

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