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Technosoft motion control IPOS drives

Technosoft Motion Control - iPOS Drives offer More Power & Enhanced Performance

Technosoft specialise in developing intelligent drives and certainly live up to the term 'intelligent’, by combining a powerful motor and motion controller to implement complex movements. The drives integrate basic motion control functions and features into one central unit, which can enhance motion control and provide power and performance. Used with main motor technologies, Technosoft drives would typically be found in DC to brushless and induction motors.

Being leaders in the motion control field - Technosoft develops, designs, and manufactures motion control products that we at OEM distribute to our customers.

Let's explore Technosoft, the intelligent drive concept and motion control technology, along with applications and some more detail into the iPOS range itself.

Technosofts' Motion Technology

The motion technology that Technosoft created is based on having a compact and cost-effective motion control solution and is the basis to most of Technosofts’ products.

Here are a few key facts about Technosofts' motion technology:

  • Drives embedded with DSP motion controller for digital motor control
  • Single or multi-axis operation – drives facilitate distributed intelligence
  • Powerful trajectory generator with profiles such as jogging and contouring
  • Flexible and versatile motion control with high-level motion language
  • Easy integration with C and LabVIEW libraries
  • System is quick and easy to set up and diagnostics have dedicated software

Intelligent Drives

Compact, high power-density and programmable motion control are a few of the features that form an intelligent drive. Technosofts’ intelligent drives are flexible, with modular solutions and offer vertically or horizontally pluggable cards. The open-frame PCB's can be integrated onto the users' motherboard or protected by metal casings, provided with push-on connectors. The latest intelligent drives, featured in this article - result in modular solutions for the position, speed and torque control of rotary or linear brushless, DC brush and step motors.

Industrial Applications

Technosoft drives are used in a wide range of original equipment manufacturers products. Applications include:

  • Medical field
  • Instrumentation and optics
  • Robotics
  • Laboratory automation
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Automation of factory production lines (precise or decentralised motion control required)


The latest to join Technosofts' intelligent drive solution family is named iPOS. These are compact and high power-density controllers, consisting of intelligent drives combined with an embedded motion controller all in one unit. The iPOS range serves to offer more power and increased performance for your application.

These iPOS intelligent drives are designed to cover both low-volume and high-volume applications.

Using a multi-axis master controller, such as the iPOS 360x SX - the master supervises the motion application and commands up to 6 on board iPOS drives, as slave controllersMotionChip™ DSP technology; Technosoft Motion Language (TML) and PVT all form the programmable servo-drives. Using these elements together offer advanced motion control capabilities.

CANopen and EtherCAT (CoE) protocols are supported by default for distributed control architectures. Installation and programming are simple due to the use of Technosoft Easymotion Studio. Various motion control libraries for PC and PLC are available, which allow full integration into the application.

The drives also include s-curves, electronic gearing, camming and 3D motion commands.

Features and Benefits of the iPOS range

Here are some key features and benefits of the iPOS range:



Motion controller and drive in one single unit Two products in one
Brushless, brushed DC and stepper motors Universal, used for a range of motor types
Up to 10kHz EtherCAT and position control loop frequency Ultra-high control bandwidth
EtherCAT, CAN, USB and RS232 communication Multiple communication protocols
Separate power supplies for logic (24V) and motor (24-48 V) Independent logistic supply
Safe Torque OFF – STO (sil3/Cat3/PLe) Industry accepted safety protocols 
Dual loop capability for positional correction Backlash compensation
Absolute encoder support (SSI, BiSS, EnDAT, Tamagawa, Nikon) Reduced cabling


Applications for the iPOS range include the medical field, robotics, semiconductors, factory automation and even AGVs' (Automated Guided Vehicles).

We hope that this article gave you an insight into Technosoft and their intelligent drive concept, as well as an overview of the latest iPOS range. To enquire or request more information about the iPOS range or any of Technosofts' products, please email [email protected]

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