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Welcome to the world of Klauke Tools, where excellence meets innovation in electrical connection solutions. Renowned for high-quality cable cutting and crimping tools, Klauke serves electrical contractors, cable jointers, and linemen across a spectrum of sectors. Klauke tools excel in underground cable and overhead conductor crimping, catering to power, transmission, and distribution networks, including LV MV & HV systems (11kV-132kV).

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Understanding the Crimping Process

Crimping involves compressing a metal terminal onto a wire to create a mechanical and electrical connection. This process effectively bonds the wire to the terminal, ensuring conductivity and preventing the risk of loose connections or electrical failures.

Importance of Quality Crimping

Achieving a high-quality crimp is paramount in electrical work. A properly crimped connection offers several benefits, including:

  • Electrical Conductivity: A good crimp ensures low resistance and maintains conductivity, facilitating the smooth flow of electricity.
  • Mechanical Strength: The crimped connection provides robust mechanical strength, preventing the wire from pulling out of the terminal.
  • Reliability: Well-crimped connections are reliable and durable, withstanding environmental factors such as vibrations, temperature fluctuations, and moisture



Simplified Crimping Solutions for Control Cabinet Construction

In control cabinet construction, Klauke's tools shine bright. The EK WF 120 ML, EK 30 ID ML, and EK 50 ML form a powerhouse trio, addressing the varied needs of cable types and cross-sections. Precision-fit crimping and a square crimping process ensure uniform quality, making your job smoother and more efficient.

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Innovative Crimping Solutions for Panel Building

From electromechanical to hand-operated hydraulic crimping tools, Klauke provides peace of mind. The EK 50 ML, EK 30 ID ML, and EK WF 120 ML cover a wide application range, offering a package of solutions for various cable types and cross-sections.

Crimping tools klauke

Battery-Operated Tools for Safe Crimping

Klauke's battery-operated cable crimping tools are rust-proof and meticulously finished, they ensure longevity and deliver safe electrical cable crimping for both low and high voltage applications (6-400sqmm). The Klauke flagship, EK WF 120 ML, is a game-changer. Featuring innovative square-cam technology, it effortlessly handles DIN-compliant cable ferrules, insulated cable ferrules, twin cable ferrules, and more, across a wide range of cable cross-sections (6-120 mm²).


Battery operated crimping tools


Precision Cutting Tools for Panel Builders

For power panel builders, Klauke offers a pro-package of cutting tools designed for diverse applications. Whether you're working with fine copper conductors, multistrand copper, or aluminium cables, our cutting tools like Klauke ES 32 FML, ES 32 ML, and ESM 50 ensure safety, ease of use, and top-notch results.

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Wire Stripping

Efficient wire stripping operations

Wire stripping is a breeze with Klauke's K43/3, K43/2, and K43/2U tools. These light and ergonomic tools, equipped with integral anti-pinching protection, guarantee safety and durability.

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Punching Tools

Greenlee Punching Solutions

Complete your panel building toolkit with Greenlee punching tools – LS 50 FLEX and LS 100 FLEX. These battery-powered hydraulic punching tools deliver fast, clean, and accurate burr-free holes, ensuring reliability on any job site.

No matter the job site, material, or cross-section, Klauke Tools stand as tested and certified tools, guaranteeing safety and efficiency in panel building applications. Elevate your work with the excellence of Klauke.

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