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Modern Power Distribution

Modern power distribution systems play a crucial role in ensuring the reliable and efficient delivery of electricity to a wide range of applications, from industrial plants to commercial buildings. As technology advances, these systems are becoming more sophisticated, incorporating innovations that enhance performance, safety, and sustainability.

This resource page will delve into the key components, current trends, and best practices in power distribution, illustrating the significant impact these systems have on our daily operations and long-term energy strategies. 

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Power distribution systems are responsible for transferring electricity from generation sources to end users. These systems include various components such as transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, busbars, and distribution panels. The primary goal is to ensure electricity is distributed efficiently, safely, and reliably

Key components in power distribution

Key components for power distribution include transformers to adjust voltage levels for efficient transmission and distribution, switchgear to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment, busbars which conduct high currents within switchgear or distribution panels, and circuit breakers which protect electrical circuits from damage caused by overcurrent or short circuits.

The power distribution industry is continuously evolving with advancements in technology. Innovations such as smart grids, digitalisation, and automation are transforming how electricity is managed and distributed. 

Wohner power distribution

Efficiency and Reliability in Power Distribution 

Efficiency in power distribution minimises energy losses and reduces operational costs. Techniques such as power factor correction, load balancing, and energy-efficient components contribute to higher efficiency levels. 

Reliability is crucial to prevent outages and ensure continuous power supply. This involves using high-quality components, regular maintenance, and implementing redundancy in critical systems to avoid single points of failure. 

Wöhner’s role in Modern Power Distribution 

Wöhner’s modular design allows for easy customisation and scalability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from industrial automation to renewable energy systems. 

CrossBoard® System: 

Modular Flexibility: The CrossBoard® System offers customisable modular solutions, allowing for easy adaptation to varying application needs. It facilitates quick installation and maintenance with a tool-free assembly process. 

Space Optimisation: Designed for compactness, it maximises space utilisation in installations without compromising on performance or safety. 

Integrated Safety Features: Built-in protections ensure operational safety and compliance with international standards, enhancing reliability. 

Wohner power distribution

System 60Classic:

The System 60Classic by Wöhner is a versatile and robust power distribution system suitable for a wide range of applications. Known for its reliability and durability, the System 60Classic offers: 

Scalable Design: Adaptable for various voltage and current requirements. 

High Performance: Ensures consistent operation under demanding conditions. 

Long-Term Reliability: Designed for extended lifespan and minimal maintenance needs. 

Comprehensive Safety Features: Meets stringent safety standards for peace of mind. 


In addition to their advanced power distribution systems, Wöhner also offers a range of essential electrical components designed to enhance overall system efficiency and reliability: 

Electronic Motor Starters: Efficient and precise control over motor operations, optimising energy usage and reducing wear. 

Hybrid Switches: Combining the benefits of conventional switching with advanced electronic control for improved performance and safety. 

Power Monitoring Devices: Real-time monitoring solutions that provide critical insights into energy consumption and system health, enabling proactive management and optimisation. 


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System CrossBoard

Introducing Wöhner's UL-approved, all-round touch-safe protected power distribution system. Designed for utmost safety, space-saving efficiency, and user convenience, the CrossBoard system boasts a clear, tool-free installation process. With its compact design and touch-safe features, it ensures maximum safety without compromising on functionality. The CrossBoard System is available up to 160A with a wide range of components that can be easily assembled without tools. It is also available in nine different lengths and comes as a complete system-ready to install.

Panel Mounts

Fuse holders, load switches, electronic components and accessories from Wöhner that are mounted on a DIN rail or mounting plate.
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