7 advantages of using Jung Process Systems HYGHSPIN twin screw pumps

With a market-leading 3-in-1 technology for feeding, conveying, and cleaning - this blog post demonstrates 7 strong reasons production plants choose the HYGHSPIN twin screw pump by Jung Process Systems.

What are twin screw pumps?

Twin screw pumps transfer a certain volume of product according to the speed and pitch of the screws for gentle product conveyance. The twin screw pump mechanism consists of a left and right-hand feed screw, as the pump rotates, the two screws form closed chambers that move in an axial direction.

Where could twin screw pumps be used?

  • Emptying of containers
  • Transfer within tank plants
  • Transfer within production processes (supply, pressure boosting, discharge)
  • Metering and filling

What industries are the HYGHSPIN Pumps most popular in? 

  • Food production 
  • Pet food production
  • Cosmetic industries 
  • Beverage industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Chemical Industries

Who are Jung Process Systems?

Jung Process Systems - OEM's primary pump supplier, have been specialists in hygienic twin-screw pumps since 2009. Solely focusing on twin screw pumps made from stainless steel, Jung Process Systems is now valued worldwide and continually developing its HYGHSPIN range.

Developments by Jung Process Systems are based on hygienic design principles and therefore fulfil the quality requirements for utilisation in the food, beverage, cosmetic, biopharmaceutical and chemical industries.

With Jung Process Systems HYGHSPIN twin screw pumps, an additional pump for CIP cleaning is no longer necessary as this system ensures CIP cleaning and product handling. A HYGHSPIN twin screw pump  is suitable for flow capable products of virtually any consistency and is available as a block design or free shaft end.

Main features include very high suction power and gentle transportation of all flow capable products in volumes of up to 300 m3/h. 
Watch the videos below to see the process of CIP cleaning and product handling:

Jungs 7 reasons blog OG image

7 reasons to choose Jung Process Systems HYGHSPIN twin screw pumps

1. Pumps with unique flexibility

One pump is sufficient for a vast flow, volume, and viscosity range. The same pump can be utilised for multiple tasks, as HYGHSPIN twin screw pumps can be implemented with various media and simultaneously as a CIP-Conveying pump. The self-balancing rotors with lower moments of inertia result in an extended revolution range of up to 4000rpm. 

2. Gentle to products, nearly pulsation-free and excellent suction capacity

All Jung Process Systems pumps have been designed for gentle handling by axially shifting product, reducing the risk of product separation or damage. 

Lower conveying speeds are used for sensitive products, ensuring gentle and smooth handling.

Chambers are always filled on the suction side and then emptied onto the pressure side, making the conveying behaviour almost pulsation-free. 

This system has excellent suction capability and a lower NPSH value due to reduced turbulence.

3. High hygiene level

A bypass for cleaning is not required as the pumps are cleaned by the complete CIP-Flow. 

This mechanism works as the mechanical seals are rinsed at the same time, positioned directly within the main flow. This results in much higher flow rate speeds, considerably improved cleanability, and this construction is free of cavities and self-emptying.

Sterilisation is also possible by utilising steam (SIP) without any measures.

Jung Process Systems is internationally certified by EHEDG, 3-A (USA) and Atex, required by the food industry.

4. Simple system layout

As a pump bypass and external CIP-conveying pump are no longer needed, the valve and the control system can also be omitted, and investment, maintenance and service costs can decrease considerably.

5. High wear resistance / no effects from abrasion in the product

Abrasion cannot enter the product as the conveyer elements operate contact-free. Very abrasive media can be transported in conjunction with strengthened conveying elements, resulting in higher availability for the pumps and long service life.

This pump is also safe to run dry with the relevant mechanical seal.

6. Corrosion-free / easy to service 

Jung Process Systems HYGHSPIN pumps are made of stainless steel, making them corrosion-free as grey cast iron components are not utilised in the design, ensuring that external hygiene standards are maintained. 

Service is easy with HYGHSPIN pumps, as guide bolts simplify the assembly of the housing components and
feed screws can be set directly in the system without dismantling the motor and gearbox housing.

7. Space-saving with block construction

There is the option of having your Jung Process Systems HYGHSPIN twin screw pump with a free shaft end, or as a block construction. 

Space can be saved if you have your twin screw pump in a block construction, where the pump is machined from a single block of stainless steel. 

Operational safety is ensured as the pumps and motor shaft are joined by utilising positive form-locking, and any resulting damage from non-aligned or tensioned couplings can be excluded.

The shaft coupling is protected against corrosion, and the pumps can be easily cleaned from the outside. Dirt and contamination build-up and the need for a larger base plate are prevented.


If these 7 reasons interest you, please email [email protected] or call 0116 427 1393 for technical expertise.

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