Dehn lightning and surge protection

Lightning and surge protection to safeguard equipment

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing and automation, Every surge of electricity, every fluctuation in voltage, poses a potential threat to your machinery and systems. The potential for costly damage to equipment, downtime due to repairs, and the risk of voiding warranties by not installing SPDs is where surge protection steps in.

In this campaign, we shine a spotlight on surge protection devices (SPDs), a crucial yet often overlooked component in industrial settings. 

With a commitment to innovation and quality, Dehn continues to lead the market, offering products designed to safeguard your investments.

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Whilst lighting protection resonates with a broad audience, including machine builders, system integrators, and panel builders, we have a particular focus on those involved in machine vision and safety. These professionals understand the critical role of reliable equipment in maintaining productivity and safety standards.

Why Surge Protection Matters

Surge protection devices play a vital role in safeguarding equipment against over-voltage events that can cause significant damage. From protecting sensitive electronics to ensuring compliance with industry standards such as BSEN 62305 and BS7671, SPDs offer peace of mind.


It's going to be a warranty requirement

Moreover, many manufacturers require surge protection for warranty coverage, yet they do not provide SPDs themselves. Dehn fills this gap as the market leader, offering reliable solutions backed by decades of expertise.

Lightning and surge protection

Saves you from a cost hit

Firstly, these solutions save money by preventing costly damage to equipment. It's far more economical to replace a worn-out SPD than to repair or replace an entire panel or machine. Additionally, SPDs reduce downtime by enabling quick and easy repairs, ensuring that your operations remain uninterrupted.

Dehn surge protection

What is the difference between Dehn surge protection and our previous range?

Previously, we offered over-current protection in our portfolio via circuit breakers.

However, we now provide over-voltage protection by adding Dehn to our portfolio!

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