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DUOmetrics is an innovative, tech-savvy mid-sized company that has been manufacturing custom light curtains and controllers for 30 years.

Non Safety Light curtains - measurement and detection

Do you require customised, non-safety light curtains for measurement or detection? We can help you with our range of customised light curtains, tailored to your application. In order for you to find the right product, we offer light curtains for two purposes – detection and measurement!

By introducing DUOmetric, we now offer NON-SAFETY light curtains, for measuring and detection. They do not act or trigger actions. You would use these light curtains for inspection and productivity purposes.

About DUOMetric

DUOmetric is an innovative, tech-savvy mid-sized company that has been manufacturing custom light curtains and controllers for 30 years. Common areas of use are in logistics, mechanical engineering, facility construction, packaging machinery, elevator construction and the door and gate industry.

Product news

Customised light curtains

With DUOmetric, we can customise and tailor our light curtains to your application. We can help you with the length of the light curtain, number of transmitters/receivers and whether they should have parallel or diagonal beams. 

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Which light curtain suits you best?

By dividing the light curtains into two different categories: detection and measurement, you can find the right product for your application.  Scroll down to read the categories.

Detection light curtains 

The purpose of a detecting light curtain is to monitor a defined area with the help of invisible, infrared light beams. The light curtain system consists of a transmitter and receiver. If any beam occurs between transmitter or receiver, it will be registered by the internal control unit and signalled via the push-pull output. 

With DUOmetric detecting light curtains, the control unit is integrated into the transmitter and receiver profiles making our light curtains compact, slim and powerful!

Duometric measurement light curtains

Door and doll / lock monitoring 

Our light curtains for doors can be built up to a monitoring height of 6 metres offering safety and comfort. 

Duometric measurement light curtains

Material handling

The automated transport of goods requires smooth process operation. With products from DUOmetric, it becomes possible to streamline processes for logistics and control with transparency of the process.

Duometric measurement light curtains

System for access sports

Detecting light curtains are also used to control the flow of people. They are built into automated boarding gates or used for direction detection in security door systems.

Measurement light curtains

Measurement light curtains work within a defined surveillance area with several invisible infrared light beams. The light curtains consist of a transmitter and a receiver in thin anodized aluminium profile and an external control unit. 

These light curtains work according to the principle of evaluating each individual beam detected by the external control unit. As a result, complex measurement tasks can be carried out and the control unit activates the corresponding outputs and digital data transmission.

Our products can provide an accurate measurement of an object's height, length or width.

contour monitoring light curtain

Contour monitoring

With measurement light curtains, you can detect contours on objects with varying shapes.

Poke the yoke light curtains

Poke the yoke

Measurement light curtains that detect access to and picking from shelving systems. They can also help detect and prevent pick/place errors in your warehouse logistics or in manufacturing and commissioning.

Position detection light curtains


With prominence in large production machines, for example in metal, paper and fabric manufacturing, benefit from using DUOMetric light curtains for slack and sagging detection or edge control.

detection small objects light curtains


No matter what you need to detect or calculate in your logistics solution, there is a solution.

Duometric measurement light curtains


Our products can provide an accurate measurement of an object's height, length or width.

Which industry are you in?

Finding the right product for your application is often a big challenge. Thanks to many years of experience, we know the requirements of a wide range of industries and tailor our light curtains and accessories precisely to each application.


The light curtain solutions from DUOmetric increase the productivity and quality of your machines. We offer you individual advice and a variety of system options, such as a wide range of data interfaces.

Application Examples:

  • Ejection control
  • Attendance control
  • Bicycle control
  • Detection of small parts
  • Count
  • Slack control
  • Contour detection
Light curtains for machine builders


DUOmetric industrial light curtains are efficient control elements for factory, logistics and process automation. We offer customised light curtains according to your individual needs.

Application Examples:

  • Volume measurement
  • Height control
  • Contour measurement
  • Edge control and positioning
  • Slack control
  • Bicycle control
  • Detection
  • Bill
Light curtains for production technology


In times of exponentially growing online commerce and "just in time" delivery, the challenges in logistics are growing more and more. Increasing digitalisation and intelligent industrial light curtains will help you deal with these challenges quickly and reliably.

Application Example:

  • Control of pallet height
  • Pallet protrusion detection
  • Contour control
  • Volume measurement
  • General cargo and container classification
  • Collision avoidance
  • Counting of objects
  • Attendance control
Light curtains for logistics


With the help of DUOmetrics light curtains, the dimensions of the product can be calculated and the position determined. In this way, a customised package can be used or produced in the packaging machine. This reduces costs and environmental impact.

Application Examples:

  • Volume measurement
  • Height control
  • Contour measurement
  • Position sensing
Light curtains for packaging technology


Non safety light curtains are ideal for monitoring and securing doors and gates. They are an important component for every manufacturer of industrial doors. Factors such as range, surveillance height and protection against external influences play an important role in these applications. The light curtains must always work reliably to exclude possible malfunctions and damage.

Application Examples:

  • Gate monitoring
  • Door monitoring
Light curtains for for gates and access

Talk to us about your application and we can customise to your requirements!

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