highly efficient, outrunner-design servomotors thanks to Simplex Motion

Simplex Motion Servomotors

We are pleased to announce a new and innovative range of fully integrated, highly efficient servomotors, thanks to our new partner - Simplex Motion.

These new servomotors combine a brushless motor, drive electronics and an embedded motion controller into a single super-compact unit.

Simplex Motion servomotors offer outstanding power density and torque/weight ratio due to their outer rotor design model, they are also known as brushless outrunner motors.

You can now browse the range of Simplex Motion servomotors on our website.  

An All-In-One Solution

The Simplex Motion integrated servomotor is a brushless DC motor with built-in drive electronics and motion controller, offering 50% higher efficiency compared to a regular DC motor due to brushless outer rotor motor design. They can operate stand-alone or be integrated into a control system with support for Modbus RTU, CANOpen and USB data buses.

All the motors have multiple on-board digital and analogue I/O’s, and alongside the bus interface options and USB plug-and-play functionality, they offer the unprecedented flexibility in this respect compared to alternative products. To complete the range, there are also the options of speed-only units without positional feedback for simpler applications. 

Innovative Design

Simplex Motion is an innovative motion control manufacturer located in Gothenburg, Sweden and was initially founded around a patented sensor design, replacing the traditional encoder solution with a new technology that provides up to 16,384ppr, with super-smooth running and precise control.

Key Features of Simplex Motion all-in-one servomotors

  • Brushless electric motor with outer rotor design
  • Highly accurate positional feedback sensor
  • Motion controller DSP
  • Motor drive power electronics
  • Programmable digital and analogue inputs and outputs
  • Communication interface for system integration
  • Compact design with no extra housing keeps weight and size down
  • No moving parts with exception of motor rotor
Collectively, these features combine to make Simplex Motion servomotors flexible, stand-alone solutions for a wide range of mechatronic applications that are cost-effective to deploy.

Due to the open frame design of the servomotor, without any excess housing, the integration of the servomotor in a design can be accomplished in a very tight space.

Simplex Motion servomotors offer customers scope to:

  • Reduce weight and maintain high power output and efficiency – excellent torque/weight ratio
  • Produce slimmer more compact designs with a high torque to volume ratio
  • Reduce overall component count – all-in-one, motor, encoder and control electronics integrated on the same PCB assembly
  • Decentralised control – use the motor as a stand-alone control system with the built-in PLC functions allowing motor to control both motion and peripheral units
  • Create customised motion control by writing their own applications and downloading program to the motor microprocessor
  • Run the motor stand-alone using built-in control functions
  • Synchronise two motors with built-in master/slave, slave/master communication

See demo of synchronising motors with Simplex Motion servomotors

Typical Servomotor Applications

These all-in-one servomotors work well in high precision applications and compact environments. Here are some of the applications you’d find our servomotors in:
  • Access control
  • Robots
  • Scientific and medical
  • Special purpose machines
  • Packaging / Printing machinery
  • Conveyors / material handling
  • General automation
If you'd like to know more about Simplex Motion or servomotors, email [email protected] or call 0116 284 9900.



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