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About safety mats, bumpers and door curtains

 Do you need help with the safety of your industrial doors, gates, or high-speed doors?

Whether you require safety edges, light curtains, safety bumpers, or complete control systems, we offer both individual components and customised system solutions. 

Our new focus products from ASO Safety Solutions are safety mats, safety bumpers and door light curtains. 

Plus, you can customise your safety mats, safety bumpers and door light curtains specifically to your application.

Depending on what area you want to protect, we can tailor a solution for the best possible protection function. Read on to find out about the range!

Customised safety products

With a strong focus on customised solutions, especially when it comes to safety mats and safety bumpers, it is possible for customers to request different colours and shapes as well as LED indication. The safety mats are also available with different pressure points

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With our new safety mats, you can choose the size and shape you require to protect the dangerous area in the best way. It is possible to connect up to 10 safety mats in series to secure larger areas! 
ASO Safety safety maps, bumpers and curtains
If you need a round shape, it is quite possible.
ASO Safety safety maps, bumpers and curtains
Should you require a hole in the mat, you can solve it with a mat that looks like this, for example.
ASO Safety safety maps
You can also have a mat with an LED ramp. This is to simplify and clearly show which mode your machine is in. For example, it can light up green when the machine is in full operation, flash yellow when you come within a certain area and red when it has stopped.
ASO Safety safety maps, bumpers and curtains
Another option you can get on the safety mats is different zones. This can be useful if the machine you want to protect isn't dangerous until you get very close. For example, one zone could be used to switch the machine to a slower speed while the other zone shuts down the machine completely. 


ASO safety bumpers
Safety Bumpers are designed to work in a similar way to safety edges. When the bumper is subjected to a certain force, two conductive materials make contact, which causes a short circuit

You'll see safety bumpers used in transport vehicles and trucks, lifting platforms, ground support equipment at airports, production lines, mobile systems, AGVs and CNC machines.
Safety bumpers can be customised depending on the application. They can be different shapes and colours, and a logo can be added.
ASO Safety bumpers
The bumpers can also be connected in series in the same way as the mats.


A LISENS door curtain is a non-contact sensor that complements the SENTIR product range to protect closing edges and risk zones on doors. 
The hidden installation of a LISENS door curtain on a sectional or roller door, for example, preserves the door system's aesthetics and enables a safe environment with high operating speeds.
ASO Safety lisens door curtains


ASO safety machine building

One of ASO Safety Solutions' large target groups is specifically door and gate manufacturers as they have a range that covers everything needed to build a complete door or gate system, with control of the door/gate and monitoring of pinch protection. Thanks to this, we at OEM Automatic can now offer you a wider range.#

To enquire about your application, email [email protected] or call 0116 284 9900.

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