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Switch disconnectors without compromise

Manage power distribution effectively. We have now added switch disconnectors to our range!

Switch disconnectors, otherwise known as load break switches contribute to the overall functionality and safety of electrical systems.

We offer a range of switch disconnectors and accessories too.

Product news

A breakdown of the switch disconnector range

Switch disconnector

A variety of switch disconnectors designed for different applications and current ratings.

Options suitable for diverse operating conditions and environments.

Katko switch disconnector

Enclosed Switch Disconnector

A broad range of current ratings, ensuring compatibility with various electrical systems.

Katko enclosed switch disconnector

Switch disconnector accessories

Features such as padlockable handles and door interlocks for enhanced safety.

Switch disconnector accessories

Why choose Katko switch disconnectors?

Available in up to 1600A and operates in most conditions

OEM Automatic, in collaboration with Katko, now provides an extensive range of switch disconnectors ranging from 16-1600A. What sets Katko apart is their commitment to offering solutions suitable for most operating conditions and environments. This ensures that OEM Automatic can cater to diverse industrial needs, providing reliable safety switches that perform seamlessly in various industrial settings.
Operating conditions switch disconnector

Customise our switch disconnectors how you like

One of the standout features of Katko's safety switches is the high degree of customisation available. Customers can tailor the products to their specific requirements, choosing from a spectrum of colours and handle styles.

This level of personalisation not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the switches but also allows for seamless integration into different industrial setups. OEM Automatic, with Katko as our supplier, can now offer clients bespoke solutions that align perfectly with their unique needs.

Katko customised switch disconnector

Katko is a specialist in switch disconnectors

Katko stands out as a specialised manufacturer exclusively focused on switch disconnectors. Unlike any competitors who offer switch disconnectors as part of a larger product range, Katko's dedication to safety switches ensures a higher level of expertise and precision in their design and production. This specialisation guarantees that OEM Automatic can offer products that are not only reliable but also optimised for maximum efficiency and safety.

Katko specialist

All Katko products are built and manufactured in their own production plants in Finland and Poland, with no outsourcing. This ensures strict adherence to quality standards and allows for comprehensive quality control throughout the manufacturing process. As a result, OEM Automatic can confidently assure customers of the reliability and durability of the switch disconnectors they provide.

What's your application?

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