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Feel the force with Wika force measurement

Measure force effectively. OEM Automatic proudly welcomes the addition of WIKA to its line-up.

Wika brings a new dimension to the realm of force measurement. This collaboration delivers advanced force measurement devices, catering to a diverse range of industries and applications. The integration of WIKA into the OEM Automatic pressure and flow range represents a significant advancement in force measurement technology!

Force measurement is a crucial facet in various industries that demands precision, reliability, and versatility.

The WIKA Force Range

WIKA enters the scene with an array of force measurement devices engineered to accurately quantify force exerted upon an object, enabling industries to optimize processes, ensure safety, and maintain efficiency. With an emphasis on precision and repeatability, WIKA force measurement instruments are designed to withstand challenging conditions and provide consistent, trustworthy results.

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Product news
Mechanical load cell

Load Cells

Load cells are sensors that convert force into an electrical signal. WIKA offers load cells with force measurement ranges from as low as 0-10 N up to 0-500,000 N (Newton is a unit of force). Higher range load cells can measure heavier loads.

WIKA load cells are available in different designs like beam, S-type, and pancake load cells. Each model has specific force ranges available. Load cells with higher force ranges tend to be larger and more heavy duty. Lower range load cells can have smaller, more compact designs.

The choice of load cell force range depends on the intended application and maximum weight, or force expected to be measured.

Load pin

Load Pins

Load pins are load cells designed as pins that can measure forces in tension or compression. OEM Automatic offers load pins with force ranges from as low as 0-1 kN up to 0-500 kN.

Lower capacity load pins from 0-5 kN are well-suited for test stands, material testing machines, and laboratory equipment. 

Medium capacity units from 0-20 kN to 0-100 kN are used in mechanical presses, tension measurement, vehicle scales, and process monitoring.

High capacity load pins from 0-200 kN up to 0-500 kN are designed for heavy industrial environments like large presses, construction equipment, and crane scales.

Our load pins have stainless steel bodies and high accuracy strain gauge sensors inside.

force transducer

Force Transducer

Our compression force transducer is designed for compact design and tension. It has high protection against shock and vibrations and is used in harsh environments. This force transducer is useful for machinery, vehicles, tractors, loaders, lifting devices, cranes and lifts.

Force sensor

Shear Force Sensors

Shear force sensors are designed to measure shear or lateral forces. We have 2 types of shear force sensors.

The WIKA shear force sensor provides higher range side load measurements while the shear beam sensor is an alternative solution for low profile shear sensing. Both sensors specialised for transverse force measurements.

Shear force sensors are used for side force measurements on vehicles, platforms, and structural joints.

Shear beam force sensors are used where space restrictions prevent use of shear force pads and has easy integration into tight spots. Applications include vehicle suspension load testing and shear measurements in constructions.

Why choose OEM Automatic & WIKA?

What sets WIKA apart from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to innovation, performance, and user-centric design. The force measurement devices offered by Wika boasts state-of-the-art technology, incorporating advanced sensors, intelligent data processing, and customisable calibration options.

Tailor your force measurement solutions to your specific needs, resulting in unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Furthermore, WIKA places great emphasis on robust construction, ensuring its instruments are built to withstand the demands of industrial environments and provide long-lasting performance.

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Wika Force Applications 

The applications for WIKA force measurement devices spans a wide spectrum of industries. From automotive manufacturing, where they ensure precise assembly and quality control, to aerospace engineering, where they play a pivotal role in testing structural integrity, WIKA devices find their place wherever accurate force measurement is crucial. 

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