The OEM Automatic Sustainability Team

Meet our sustainability team

OEM Automatic has ramped up its sustainability efforts this year by forming a new sustainability team tasked with researching and executing impactful green initiatives across the company's business.

The team consists of Adam Parkin - Operations Manager; Harry Smith - Quality Coordinator; Kavisha Parmar - Marketing Coordinator; Marta Janiak - Customer Support, and Joe Peace - Internal Sales.

All five members have a genuine interest and passion for sustainability and want to see change!

Over the coming weeks and months, the sustainability team will conduct audits to identify areas for improvement, research best practices, and roll out company-wide initiatives aimed at our sustainability goals, which can be found here

Here’s what Harry Smith says about the team:

"This team represents an important function in our future. By incorporating sustainability into OEM's culture, we can build a better workplace and reduce our environmental footprint."

The team strives to make OEM a more sustainable working environment!

The OEM Automatic sustainability team symbolises our commitment to ethical, eco-friendly manufacturing practices for the long term. We look forward to the positive changes that they will spearhead.

Read more about our sustainability efforts here.

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