We're thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the original LOCC-box circuit breaker, the LÜTZE LOCC-Box Mini.

Electronic Circuit Breaker - LoccBox

LOCC-Box from Lutze is an intelligent current monitoring device that provides reliable protection of DC circuits in a slimline 8.1 mm housing. 

Unlike MCBs, which work mechanically and can have a large tolerance before tripping a circuit, the LOCC-Box electronic fuses have no moving parts and use a microprocessor to accurately measure current. This means short circuit and over current fault situations are detected and acted upon immediately even where long cable runs are employed. MCBs are also affected by ambient temperature whereas the LOCC-Box is much more precise and functions independently of the ambient temperature.

The units can be grouped together to protect multiple branch circuits with fault finding made easy due to built in status indicators and a fault signaling output. The LOCC-Box also includes a remote reset and remote on / off feature allowing you to remotely control the LOCC-box which is ideal in hard to reach applications. Combine the unit with communication output plus a gateway module and you open up many more possibilities. Free software allows to monitor and analyse all parameters remotely and even create your own tripping curves perfectly suited to your application.

Traditional MCB’s are designed to protect against short circuits on ac loads but do not offer adequate protection for overload conditions in dc circuits. In addition, many typical dc power supplies are not able to deliver enough short circuit current to blow or trip the protection. The problem only gets worse as the cable gets longer and in many cases the system is effectively unprotected!

  • Selectable rated current setting 1 A to 10 A
  • 5 patented and adjustable tripping characteristics from fast to slow acting
  • Ability to design your own tripping curve
  • Status signal output & remote reset
  • Optional comms/bus interface
  • Class 2 version
  • Various options of current ratings, current steps and lower cost fixed versions 

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We're thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the original LOCC-box circuit breaker, the LÜTZE LOCC-Box Mini. This is a solution that offers powerful current control in a mini format. This product is set to optimise the way you manage currents!

Key Features

Compact Design: Designed with space efficiency in mind, fitting seamlessly into various applications

Versatile Performance: Provides universal current control for up to 8 A, making it incredibly versatile for a wide range of tasks

Precision and Reliability: Trust in the precision and reliability that LÜTZE products are known for, ensuring consistent performance

Streamlined Installation: Quick and hassle-free installation, saving you valuable time and effort

Industry-Leading Technology: Stay ahead with the latest advancements in current control technology

Any industry that relies on precise current control would benefit from the LÜTZE LOCC-Box Mini.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your operations. Explore the LOCC-Box Mini and discover the power of mini-format current control.

To enquire about the LOCC-Box you can email [email protected] or call 0116 284 9900.


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