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Datalogic LIDAR guidance scanner
The Lidar Guidance Scanner by Datalogic

Datalogic has launched their new Lidar guidance scanner designed to navigate automated guided vehicles (AGV), Laser guided Vehicles (LGV) and Automated Guided Forklifts (AGF).

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Product news
Datalogic safety laser scanner, innovation for safer machinery and AGVs
Datalogic’s Safety Laser Sentinel Enhanced for AGVs and machinery

Datalogic’s Safety Laser Sentinel (SLS) Enhanced is suitable for use with both machinery and automated vehicles. It offers a complete application-oriented solution for safe area monitoring in factory automation and intralogistics.

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Product news
OEM stocks Datalogic’s Smart-VS™, a device with the power of machine learning and the ease of photoelectric sensors

Datalogic’s innovative Smart-VS can classify objects as well as complex vision systems do but uses simple photoelectric sensors and is easy to configure.

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Product news
We have your safety covered

Prioritising safety is essential in industry, and that’s what OEM Automatic’s dedicated Machine and Safety Division does.

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Product news
Sensors and Safety Sales Engineer Ross
OEM continue to develop talent

OEM Automatic, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of components for industrial automation, continues to invest in personnel with the appointment of Ross Bland as Sales Engineer, Sensors and Safety.

  • #Sensors and Safety
Product news
Sales Manager Dan Gent
Continued growth leads to new opportunity

OEM Automatic is proud to announce that Daniel Gent will start a new role within the company as Sensors and Safety Sales Manager.

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Product news
IDEM Universal gate boxe
All in one control and safety

Universal gate boxes from IDEM

  • #Sensors and Safety
Product news
Datalogic TL46 contrast sensor
TL46 from Datalogic - the market leader

Offering the best performance and a complete selection of contrast sensors for print registration mark detection.

  • #Sensors and Safety
Product news
IDEM rope pull switch with mushroom head emergency stop buttons
Rope pull switches from IDEM

IDEM Guardian Line safety rope pull switches are designed to be mounted on machines and sections of conveyors which cannot be protected by guards.

  • #Sensors and Safety
Product news
Kubler encoders and slip rings
Low maintenance / High reliability - Encoders & Slip Rings

Kubler's encoder and slip ring options are a high quality, cost-effective range which offer great longevity and the highest build quality

  • #Sensors and Safety
Product news
Datalogic S67-Y laser distance sensor, side profile and front profile
Accuracy defined! The NEW Datalogic S67-Y laser distance micrometric sensor

Datalogic is pleased to announce their new sensor family!

  • #Sensors and Safety
Product news
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