Building Automation

The world of both domestic and commercial building automation is moving towards using intelligent components. Our range of network driven products give your team enough information to make the right maintenance decisions and create smart and efficient buildings. 

This industry encompasses the integration of various systems and technologies to automate and control building operations, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, security, and more. The aim is to create a seamlessly interconnected environment that optimises energy usage, reduces operational costs, and provides occupants with a comfortable and productive space.

Several key considerations must be addressed, these include interoperability of systems from different manufacturers, scalability to accommodate future expansions or changes, energy efficiency to meet sustainability goals, and user-friendliness for easy management and control. 

Components from OEM Automatic are vital building blocks that enable the integration and functionality of various automated systems. Among the crucial components provided by OEM Automatic are programmable logic controllers (PLCs), sensors for temperature, humidity, occupancy, and light, actuators for controlling valves, communication modules, access control solutions, remote monitoring and more.

Applications include HVAC control, where sensors and actuators regulate temperature and airflow; lighting control, managing illumination based on occupancy and natural light levels; security and access control, employing sensors and systems to monitor and manage building entry and many more.

What sets OEM Automatic apart is its capability to provide a comprehensive solution for system integrators to create a building automation system. With its technical expertise and a deep understanding of the industry, OEM Automatic assists in designing, implementing, and maintaining complete building automation systems.

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Ithbaan Patel
Product Manager, Panel Send e-mail

Expert for our electrical control panel products and applications in building automation applications

Nik Page, business area manager, Electric motors, drives and linear solutions
Nik Page
Business Area Manager, Motors Send e-mail

Expert for our motors, drives and linear products and applications in building automation applications

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James Pickford
Product Manager, Pressure & Flow Send e-mail

Expert for our pressure flow and level products and applications in building automation applications

Ross Bland, Product manager, Sensors and safety equipment
Ross Bland
Product Manager, Sensors & Safety Send e-mail

Expert for our sensing and safety equipment and applications in building automation applications

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Some of our applications in Building Automation

Lighting control applications building automation
Panel Applications

- Heating & Ventilation
- Lighting Control
- Shading Control
- Audio Visual Control

Solar shading with motors building automation
Motor Applications

- Specialist Roller Blinds
- Solar Shading
- TV Lifting & Moving

water management in building automation applications
Pressure & Flow Applications

- Water Management
- HVAC Systems
- Fire Protection Systems

barcode access control in building automation applications
Sensors & Safety Applications

- Barcode Access Control
- Gate Position Control

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