Automation is revolutionising various aspects of the maritime sector, where safety and efficiency are considered. We provide maritime automation components to enhance features and quality of applications within smaller boats and vessels, such as super yachts. 

As the marine industry continues to embrace automation, it not only unlocks new levels of operational efficiency but also paves the way for a more sustainable and technologically advanced future. 

Safety remains paramount, and ensuring that automated systems are robust, reliable, and well-tested is crucial to prevent accidents and incidents at sea.

Our motors and gears play a role in applications such as sunroofs, doors, windows and features of yachts and smaller boats. 

Our pressure, flow and level product area can contribute to measurement applications within marine. We have a range of sensors and instrumentation from brands such as Aplisens, ESI and Georg Fischer which include materials made for harsh conditions, such as titanium wetted parts and certifications within the marine sector. 

By addressing these considerations thoughtfully, the marine industry can successfully leverage automation to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the ever-evolving world of maritime transportation.

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Dominic Leake
Product Manager, Panel Send e-mail

Expert for our electrical control panel products and applications in marine applications

Adam Porter, Product Manager, electric Motors, Drives and linear solutions
Adam Porter
Product Manager, Motors Send e-mail

Expert for our motors, drives and linear products and applications in marine applications

James Pickford
Product Manager, Pressure & Flow Send e-mail

Expert for our pressure, flow and level products and applications in marine applications

Anthony Williams, Product group manager, Machine Vision and Code Reading
Anthony Williams
Product Group Manager, Machine Vision Send e-mail

Expert for our machine vision products and applications in marine applications

Ross Bland, Product manager, Sensors and safety equipment
Ross Bland
Product Manager, Sensors & Safety Send e-mail

Expert for our sensors and safety equipment and applications in marine applications

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Some of our applications in Marine

Boat awning and sunroofs applications for panel products
Panel Applications

- Offshore Access Systems
- Boat Awnings & Sunroofs
- Ex Environments

Sunroof motorisation applications
Motor Applications

- Sunroofs
- Seat Positioning
- Window Opening & Closing
- Decking Doors

fuel transportation applications
Pressure & Flow Applications

- Fuel Transportation
- Engine Cooling Systems
- Drinking Water Systems

Deck inspection applications
Machine Vision Applications

- Deck View
- Bridge View
- Observation View
- Winch View

Davit control applications
Sensors & Safety Applications

- Davit Control

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