Machine Building

Industrial automation components are the cornerstone of machine building, empowering engineers and developers to create sophisticated, smart, and efficient machinery.

OEM Automatic has expertise in specialised machinery and conveyors, with comprehensive and customised solutions. We work with you to find the optimal solution for your application.

Machine builders require functionality, compatibility, reliability, quality, performance, precision, flexibility, ease of integration, cost effectiveness and technical support. Our product range aims to solve these requirements with various features and benefits.

Our components are designed to optimise efficiency, accuracy and productivity and are suitable for machine builders building simple tools and appliances to complex industrial robots and high-tech automated systems. 

Continuous advancements in machine building have paved the way for smart factories and Industry 4.0, our components contribute to these advancements where interconnected machines can communicate and make autonomous decisions, leading to increased output, reduced downtime, and minimised errors. 

Safety and risk reduction is paramount. By offering sensing and safety equipment, we protect workers and the environment. 

Whether you are in need of gears and motors, sensors and actuators all the way to robotic solutions, we can provide a full package of components.

Whether it's automotive manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, or any other sector, our components can be customised and integrated into machines to meet specific needs and requirements. 

Meet our experts in the Machine Building industry 

Our product experts below can advise and discuss products and solutions for your application in the machine building industry.

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Paul Adkins, product group manager, Electrical control panel components
Paul Adkins
Product Group Manager, Panel Send e-mail

Expert for our electrical control panel products and solutions in machine building applications

Adam Porter, Product Manager, electric Motors, Drives and linear solutions
Adam Porter
Product Manager, Motors Send e-mail

Expert for our motors, drives and linear products and applications in machine building applications

Pritesh Patel
Product Manager, Pressure & Flow Send e-mail

Expert for our pressure, flow and level products and solutions in machine building applications

Ibrahim Ahmethan
Product Manager, Machine Vision Send e-mail

Expert for our machine vision products and solutions in machine building applications

Ross Bland, Product manager, Sensors and safety equipment
Ross Bland
Product Manager, Sensors & Safety Send e-mail

Expert for our sensing and safety equipment and applications in machine building applications

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Some of our applications in machine building

Labelling machine applications
Panel Applications

- Labelling
- Food Processing
- Ultrasonic Welding
- Plastic Lamination & Cutting

high speed labelling machine applications
Motor Applications

- High Speed Labelling
- Vinyl Disk Manufacturing
- Medical Waste Handling

Hydraulic press applications
Pressure & Flow Applications

- Hydraulic Presses
- Food Processing Equipment
- Material Handling Equipment

machine vision software applications in machine building
Machine Vision Applications

- Visual Inspection
- Quality Control
- Dimensional Checking
- 3D inspection

Labelling machinery applications
Sensors & Safety Applications

- Labelling
- Food Processing
- Check Weighing
- Palletising

Related Products

Here's a small selection of products that can be used in machine building applications. Don't see what you're looking for? We have many other products relevant to machine building, speak to our experts for more information on products needed for your application.

hygienic pressure products for use in machine building applications
Hygienic Pressure Products
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