Remote management & monitoring for your machine or control system

Remote monitoring and management both work hand in hand to provide access and control of data without having to physically be present at the site where equipment is located.

Below, we look in more detail at remote monitoring and management, including benefits and the equipment required.

Why remote monitoring and management is so important?

To be efficiently notified and alerted when something goes wrong

Remote monitoring equipment and software allows for real-time alerts and notifications to be sent to people who need information, such as system faults or live values. This enables remedial actions to be carried out immediately, improving overall system availability and reducing downtime. It can also help improve maintenance scheduling.

To enable data collection

For remote management applications, a cloud-based solution is used to monitor multiple different systems in different locations, visualising their key parameters all in one place. Whether it is just an overview or in-depth and specific device data – it can be visualised, logged and downloaded as required. 

To save time and overall system costs

Using a gateway makes it possible to connect remotely to PLC’s, HMI’s, and other peripheral devices. This gateway gives the ability to reprogram the equipment from anywhere in the world. Remote access can save time and overall system costs as there is less requirement to travel to sites to make any changes.

What equipment is required to set up remote monitoring?

SMS Reporting modules

What is an SMS reporting module?

Reporting modules use 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks for remote control and maintenance access. This allows you to monitor and control decentralised facilities. Reporting modules can be installed either centralised in the electrical cabinet or decentralised in the field. 

There are various types of reporting modules depending on the application.


The GSM-PRO2 by Conta-Clip is an easy-to-use SMS and email reporting module for remote monitoring of equipment. This signals changes of inputs and outputs through text messaging and email. 

There are 2 versions in the range, both of which have expandable IO.

  • GSM-PRO2 - Compact unit, unit with 2 multifunction inputs, a count input, and a change-over relay output
  • GSM-PRO2E - with 10 multifunction inputs, a count input and 4 change-over relays 

For applications that need more IO, there are 4 types of ‘plug in’ extensions available. Up to 15 can be added to the base module.

Benefits of the GSM-PRO2

Receiving detailed information

Planning maintenance can be made easy by using the built-in hours run/pulse counter and the logging function. This lets you see exactly how long a system has been operational and when alarms have been activated. Log files can be downloaded directly or sent automatically by email.

Changes made easily

Any changes to the module can be done ‘over the air’; all that is needed is an internet connection on the PC and a data connection on the module. This feature means that no additional site visits are required to update contacts or parameters.

Added smart features

There is a free iPhone & Android Smartphone App that provides a simple overview and control of the modules in the field. A new web-based portal, “Conta-Supervision”, will also become available in Q1 2022. 

Product news

Watch the video below to find out more: 


The new GSM-TMM by Conta-Clip is a simple reporting module that can send a single SMS to 1-5 recipients on power-up. The GSM-TMM is a much simpler version than the GSM-PRO2 providing basic functionality.

Benefits of the GSM-TMM

Easy connection to other devices

This unit has been developed to be easily connected in series or parallel to other signalling devices, such as beacons or switched outputs. Upon power-up, it provides a single SMS alert.

Quick and simple configuration

Configuration of the module is quick and made simple as it is powered by USB for programming. Naming the unit and saving contact numbers is all that is required to use the device. 

Suitable for global use

The GSM-TMM can use any micro-SIM and works on the low power narrowband GSM network, suitable for global use. Retrofitting to an existing system is made easy, as the units are available in 100…240VC or 10…30VDC (24VAC) supply.


The wide operating voltage of 10…30 VDC, makes the modules ideal for mobile applications such as pump sets, where monitoring fuel level and pump pressure can help manage costly downtime. The output relays can also be used to shut down the pump set if a pipe bursts or the pump runs dry.

What equipment is required to set up remote management? 

Communication gateways

Communication gateways connect your field equipment and site data to a network that can manage the data. This is the hardware part of the remote management solution. We have a range of different gateways to suit all applications.


How do Netbiter EC300 cloud-based solutions work?

The gateway connects to your field equipment via serial RS-232/485, Modbus RTU, Modbus-TCP or EtherNet/IP. Additional onboard inputs allow a direct analogue signal connection. 

Collected data is transferred to the cloud-based Netbiter Argos data centre via ethernet WAN port or built-in 3G/4G modem.

Benefits of the Netbiter EC300


Unique technology for secure access to equipment is located behind a firewall, eliminating the need for public, fixed IP addresses and complex VPN tunnels. 


Information can be accessed using any web browser by visiting www.netbiter.net

Fast configuration

All configuration is done on the online platform and is then downloaded to the unit. With this design, after the initial equipment setup is completed, deployment of additional systems takes minutes. 

Watch the video below to find out more:


How Tosibox point to point solutions work?

Tosibox Plug and Go technology is another communication gateway tool that can be used.

In comparison to connecting via a cloud service, this device enables a direct point to point connection to field equipment. No data is stored or handled by a third party, enabling users to have full control of their data.

Tosibox Locks and Keys allow direct access for the key holder to all the devices that are protected by a lock. Tosibox products are also backed up by two-factor authentication, regular updates and the latest encryption technology.  

Benefits of the Tosibox:


Internationally tested and audited security guarantees that the lock protects all equipment connected to it locally.

Future compatibility

The technology used for this solution makes it compatible with both future and legacy systems making it timeless and infinitely expandable.


The system could consist of a single or a thousand devices, but the core concept stays the same. This solution can be described as Plug & Go and does not require special IT skills. 

View the video below to see more details about the Tosibox Plug and Go Connectivity:

OEM Automatic Ltd can offer different remote monitoring and managing products, depending on your specific application. 

If you need help with your remote monitoring or management solutions, contact [email protected]  or call  0116 427 1412.

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