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Crouzet has been designing, manufacturing and supplying efficient components for automated systems since 1921. It’s a worldwide industrial specialist in sensors, controllers and actuators for automated systems.

Crouzet’s reliable, efficient and customisable components can be found across the aerospace & defence, transport and industrial sectors.

Intelligent gates and doors

One of Crouzet’s specialist areas is access control. Its products used in intelligent gates and doors are involved in motion control, remote management, and position management.

Pedestrian access control affecting includes subway, railway and airport swing gates, and turnstiles. In the city, there are bollards, perimeter access and traffic management.

In buildings, access control is used with cleanroom doors, sliding doors, rapid doors, revolving doors, and lifts. As well as vehicle access control including parking and highway barriers, and automated fences.

Customers and users benefit from:

  • Safety and security, as access is controlled with extreme precision, minimising human accidents due to system malfunction
  • Operational efficiency and reliability, as security incidents are prevented, and unplanned maintenance is anticipated through predictive maintenance
  • Fluid, comfortable movement of traffic, as long waiting times in queues at toll booth barriers and automatic passenger gates are avoided

Access control solutions from Crouzet for motion control and automation

Motion Control

Crouzet has a broad portfolio of DC motors: from conventional brushed types to intelligent brushless motors with integrated electronics, these are matched with gearboxes and software dedicated to access control management. These motors are well able to overcome challenges commonly found in automatic door, gate and barrier operation.

Crouzet’s smart motors with integrated electronics have a high level of accuracy and offer:

  • Wide power range, from 40W to 600W (nominal)
  • Large range of geared motor ratios and configurations
  • Brake options from 0.25Nm to 4.5Nm (holding torque)
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) inputs
  • High ingress protection, up to IP69
  • CANopen communication

Access control programs are pre-loaded on the motors integrated electronics and offers:

  • Easy programming of speed, torque, and position control
  • Automatic homing
  • HMI integration via comms network

High-performance DC brushed motors are:

  • Exceptionally quiet: ≤35dBA
  • Highly efficient: 80%+
  • Long service life: 5,000 to 24,000hours
  • Certified: UL 1004 / CE / RoHS

Remote management 

Crouzet's em4 series PLCs are designed to be the most intuitive and easy to use nano-PLC on your ethernet network. Controlling and monitoring access control installations is straightforward via programmable modules and simple and intuitive software. 

em4 alert features:

  • Control and alert functions with mobile phones
  • Alert and logs functions directly managed as simple function blocks
  • Send data report via SMS and datalogs via email or FTP
  • Exchange data between several em4 alert
  • Use your own SIM card supplied by any GSM network operator

em4 Ethernet features: 

  • Event management and alerts by email
  • Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP standard protocol Client and Server
  • Connect the touch panel directly to your em4 Ethernet
  • Program and debug your em4 Ethernet from anywhere on the Ethernet local network
  • Receive scheduled simple datalogs via email or FTP
  • Send email alerts fully controlled by the application program
  • Access Control Programs pre-loaded on the motor

Position monitoring 

Crouzet’s positive opening action switches guarantee the forced opening of the contacts in the event of welding due to short circuit or overload. 

Switches and position sensors features: 

  • Snap-action mechanism with positive break
  • Electrically separated NC/NO circuits
  • IP66/IP67/IP69 protection degree
  • Up to 10 million cycles
  • Min 1 mA ➞ max 10 A loads
  • Terminal or prewired outputs

Specific developments for special projects

Crouzet’s dedicated engineering team has great expertise in designing access control solutions and no matter how complex a customer’s technical requirements are, the team are able to work closely with them to adapt and customise products to meet the demands of the application.

Crouzet and OEM Automatic

Crouzet’s products fall into three of our business areas here at OEM Automatic: Motors, Sensors & Safety and Panel. It is one of our biggest suppliers. 

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