Minimotor DBS series motor and stainless steel motor

Mini Motor built-in intelligence

The DBS series is a true ‘one stop shop’ for automation and control featuring a built-in drive and absolute encoder with optional worm or planetary gearbox. With all the popular network protocols available, it gives a performance to size ratio greater than ever before. The WBS range, an all-in-one product, has been designed to increase flexibility by simplifying the operation of automation systems. 

These brushless servomotors with integrated drive are completely wireless thanks to the built-in interface and the presence of an inductive charging battery. Finally, for the highly demanding sectors requiring the utmost in cleanliness the SS series of motors is a perfect combination of minimal dimensions and the superior characteristics of stainless steel.


• Integrated multi-turn absolute encoder

• Available with CanOpen, Modbus, Ethercat, Ethernet/IP, Profinet and PowerlinkMotor only or with worm/planetary gearbox

• Up to 250W output power


A completely wireless version of the DBS Available from early 2019.


• Completely smooth surface

• Submersible IP69K protection

• Excellent resistance to corrosion

• Available as motor only or with worm/planetary gearbox

•Up to 740W output power

• AC motor with drive options

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