Smela, Smart Electronic Actuators, begins partnership with OEM Automatic

Introducing our smart linear actuator supplier – SMELA

Introducing Smela’s smart linear actuator range!

Thanks to OEM Automatic’s exclusive partnership with SMELA – it is now available in the UK. Learn more about Smela and it’s smart linear actuator offering below…

SMELA smart linear actuators 

Smela offers a compact electric alternative to pneumatic cylinders, including their LiteEco Actuator.

Smela addresses applications for fixing, adjusting and traversing motion profiles.

Smart linear actuators are designed for short linear positioning operations where precise control, repeatability and rapid acceleration are required.

You may often find pneumatic systems use a lot of energy and waste, plus a complex infrastructure is required, due to compressed air. Smela combats these problems. 

Why choose SMART linear actuators?

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Smart linear actuators offer performance, running costs, reduced size envelope and longer life compared with more conventional short stroke positional air cylinders or electromechanical devices and has many advantages such as:

  • Saving 75% of energy over pneumatics
  • Saving 80% space over conventional systems
  • High force and dynamics with integrated encoders for precise repeatable control
  • Industry 4.0 integration
Smela smart electronic actuator size shown next to ruler

How smart linear actuators work:


Applications for smart linear actuators:

Smela smart linear actuators are suited to complex mobility applications in functions such as product lines, machine tools, packaging, or logistics. 

More applications:

  • Pick and place on servo axis – high-speed pick and drop of components
  • Press actuator – rapid deployment with controlled press action
  • Welding machine – controlled oscillation movement
  • Conveyor reject flap – high-speed movement
  • Clamp activation – swift and precise clamp control
  • Tooling locator – high position accuracy

Why choose OEM Automatic for smart linear actuators?

  • We work closely with SMELA on technical applications 
  • Supporting products available from OEM. i.e drives, motors and gearmotors
  • Good engineering knowledge of industries and their typical applications  

You can enquire or find out more from our technical engineers. 

Please feel free to contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling 0116 284 9900

Alternatively, see further information on linear actuators, or our full motors components selection.

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