Cut costs with economical DC motors

Using traditional stamped metal housing, similar to that used on high volume low-cost brushed DC motors, reduces the overall cost of these brushless DC motors significantly compared to standard machined housing motors.

How do economical motors save you costs?

With brushless technology, both the performance and life expectancy are considerably longer than brushed DC alternatives. There is also the option of a built-in drive on an ever-increasing selection of the motors, giving great options where basic drive functions are required for high volume applications that require a tight grip on costs.

By utilising the on-board electronics, the motors only require a DC power feed.

Economical motors offer the following features:

  • Speed control by 0-5V input
  • Direction input
  • Brake input (shorts motor poles)
  • Encoder output for speed or position applications

With models available up to around 50W output power (4000 rpm) and minimum order requirements of 100 pieces after samples, these economical motors are ideally suited to high-duty applications like:

  • Low volume mixing systems
  • Fluid agitation
  • Variable speed pumps
  • Smaller robotics
  • White goods

Fulling Motor co., Ltd are recognised worldwide for the production of high-performance electromechanical drive systems. The BLDC motor range with integrated drive by Fulling Motors are perfect for high power applications where space is limited. 

Contact [email protected] or call 0116 284 9900. Our motors technical team are on hand to discuss your requirements.

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