Doga 311 & 311E DC wiper motor - new product launch

DOGA launches new 311 and 311E motor range

DOGA’s new 311 and 311E is a right angle geared motor range, available with or without an integrated drive offering CANopen compatibility.

This is a major update of DOGA’s well proven and popular 111 series design.

The new series builds on the long standing 111 series by offering customers:

  • significantly more power in the same footprint
  • a far higher IP rating than typical for a wiper-type geared motor
  • the availability of an option with an integrated electronic drive and CANopen communication protocol

DOGA 311 and 311E 

The DOGA 311 series uses a brushed DC motor with worm gearbox. It has been developed to provide an extremely compact, low noise and cost-effective solution to suit many industrial applications. 

The standard hardened plastic worm wheel offers smooth, low noise operation and good performance, along with durability. IP69K is standard and covers all operational environments. 

Supply voltage: 12 / 24Vdc. This is ideal for battery-powered mobile applications. (The 311E range is offered in 24Vdc only due to the requirements of the integrated on-board electronics.)

Torque output: >7Nm nominal, >35Nm starting. This makes the motor a good choice for applications requiring high start-up power.

Speed output: 33 - 70rpm options using a range of motor/gearbox combinations. 

The motor measures 181mm x 111mm and weighs in at 1.2kg. The standard output shaft diameter is 12mm with a 4mm keyway.

Applications, advantages, customisations 

Typical applications include:

  • Agriculture - feeders, dosers
  • Access control - barriers, roofs, doors
  • General automation - conveyor and positional control
  • Care aid
  • Medical
  • Office equipment
  • Marine

For a wiper-type gearmotor, the 311 range has an exceptional IP69K IP rating making it suitable for use in the harshest climatic conditions.

The CANopen implementation on the 311E range allows the motor to be easily integrated in automotive-type applications where this communication bus predominates.

Watch the video on DOGA 311


Product Customisation at OEM 

Product customisation of the motor is possible for modest quantities to suit the individual needs of the customer and the application. Examples of this include changes to the output shaft, harness cable and connector, supply voltage, gear wheel material, gear ratios and motor windings.

To discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact our Motors, Drives and Linear Solutions business area. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be pleased to help you.

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