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THE DBS MINIMOTOR LINE – a compact, self-contained motor, encoder and drive

Brushless technology is highly versatile and can meet the needs of almost any automated manufacturing company. The benefits of brushless motors are that they have a high power-to-weight ratio and no mechanical commutation making them super reliable, along with a long-life span and lower noise levels. 

However, The DBS line from Mini Motor stands out as it is a compact, self-contained motor, absolute encoder and drive. This gives users of the DBS products full electronic control in a single package. 

A big factor of the DBS Mini Motor line is the seamless integration of the motor, drive and gear (if installed). All contained in one product. 

You can daisy chain a number of motors (limited only by the BUS protocol chosen) using the major communication protocols used for industrial purposes. These include EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink, Modbus, PROFINET and CANOopen.

Mini Motor use an SSI multi-turn absolute encoder which is at 4096-PPR. Providing freedom to adjust speed and position, this remembers its position even when powered down.

The DBS series would typically be used in sectors that require precise, controlled movements.

Industry examples include ceramics, packaging and bottling sectors. 

The introduction of technology 4.0 has big involvement with brushless motors. Mini Motors DBS line has the following advantages:

  • Supports 6 different fieldbuses
  • Integrated drive and multi-turn absolute encoder
  • Capable of storing the last-positioning coordinates for up to 6 months
  • All-in-one servomotor and gearmotors
  • On board 3 axis MEMS accelerometer to monitor vibration. Pre warning of potential problems
  • Optimised design
  • Integration of all components
  • Excellent performance
  • Advanced connectivity

The DBS motor is available in two different forms – S1 and S3 duty versions

Featuring a mounted cooling fin, the S1 units are rated for continuous use at their rated performance. The S3 units are more compact finless motors designed for higher torque over a short time window (200% rated for 60 seconds). Typically used for short bursts of high power with longer rest periods in between. Application demands are studied without customers to determine the most suitable option.

CASE STUDY- Technology 4.0

Now that technology 4.0 has paved its way, it eliminates manual practises handled by operators, and replaces components like geared motors. 

One relevant application example is the processing and machining of large slabs and tiles through grinding and bevelling. Mini Motors’ DBS line are used in these grinding machines for one leading European company.

Brushless motors in production have several advantages:

  • Precise adjustment of machine settings – DBS motors make it possible to read the statistics relating to the reactivity of the machinery which guarantees permanent setting adjustment
  • Less wear – could lead to lower costs for diamond tools as they are adjusted more precisely for optimum performance
  • Enhanced grinding position – squaring machine works the tile that has just been cut out of the large slab
  • Increased production speed – fast communication between drives allows for quicker real time machine adjustments, thus increasing throughput
  • Improved percentage of prime-quality production – accurate feedback from high resolution encoder and speed of communication giving closer tolerances for higher quality end results
  • Less pollution – due to the application of dry technology which has no waste-water disposal

To find out more about Mini Motors’ DBS line, contact [email protected]

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