Lumel HT22IoT environmental parameter data logger

The Lumel HT22IoT data logger measures, monitors and records these environmental parameters: 

  • ambient temperature
  • relative humidity
  • dew point
  • absolute humidity
  • light intensity
  • CO2 concentration 
  • TVOC (total volatile organic compounds in the air)

Measuring, monitoring and recording these is essential for accuracy in facilities such as server rooms, drug and food warehouses, laboratories, museums and glasshouses. 

Real time information 

Data captured by HT22IoT are stored in the internal memory and can be sent digitally to the user by Ethernet (TCP/IP, FTP) and by RS-485 interface. Connection can be made to the local or global network (either LAN or WAN). 

Through the user-friendly dedicated website, the user always has access to information regarding the monitored facility’s current measurement values and the device status. It is also possible to configure the device and read the serial number, manufacturing code, software version and bootloader version.


The built-in FTP server allows fast and easy access to archive data files from the web browser or from other FTP clients. Archived data can be read, copied and/or deleted on the website using a smartphone, tablet or PC. The HT22IoT has an 8gB internal file system memory.

The DHCP protocol provides automatic configuration of the monitor in the computer network.

The SMTP protocol is responsible for sending warnings via emails.

The communication protocol Modbus Slave TCP/IP provides a smooth and reliable reading of all current measurement data in more extensive systems.

In an emergency

When pre-set parameters are exceeded, the HT22IoT immediately signals this via email, messages on a dedicated website, special symbols on the display and audible alerts. 

Power over Ethernet

This additional feature, which allows Ethernet cables to transmit data and power simultaneously using a single network cable, is available in versions equipped with the PoE system.

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Lumel HT22IoT environmental datalogger

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