Intelligent power with Crouzet SQ75 BLDC motors

Brushless DC motors are often the best solution for applications where precise speed, torque and position control is required. By communicating with PLCs, other motors and various types of sensors in the application, they create a fully autonomous motion control system.

The Crouzet DCmind brushless motor family features integrated controllers that provide the functionality of a traditional servo motor. The built-in encoder with angular accuracy of 0.1° (4096ppr) guarantees high precision positional control. Today, Crouzet has expanded its range with the new, intelligent SQ75 brushless motors.


Thanks to the SQ75s’ built-in intelligence, security features and communication capabilities, the SQ75 can be used in a wide variety of applications. Manufactured in France, this new member of the DCmind brushless motor family is available in three versions: 310W (24V DC), 400W (32V DC) and 600W (48V DC). 


Crouzet set themselves the goal of achieving technical excellence by developing the SQ75 series BLDC motors. The starting point is the high torque values, especially in the 310W version, which provides a nominal torque of 1Nm (2.5Nm at peak; up to 6.0Nm in the 600W version), with an extended speed range, up to 5,000rpm.

Michel Nuicol, business engineer at Crouzet says the following: "The SQ75 is therefore capable of working in applications requiring high acceleration and braking, even those with high inertial loads, thanks to its energy management module. This functionality is extremely useful, for example, during the braking phase of AGV mobile robots used widely in intralogistics"

So, what is unique to the market? The standard BLDC motors of the SQ75 series are waterproof and dustproof (excluding the output shaft and the front plate) including the version with a built-in 4.5Nm brake. SQ75 series motors can withstand short-term immersion in water up to a depth of 1 metre and washing with high pressure water. With two levels of protection: IP67 and IP69, these motors can be safely used even in the harshest environments.

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In combination with a wide range of supply voltage from 9V to 75V, the SQ75 series motors can be used in applications where we are dealing with power from batteries with a voltage of 12V, such as autonomous vehicles used in warehouses or agriculture. The wide ranging power supply input is also one of the protective elements, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the motor despite a sudden increase in the supply voltage, for example, in the event of disconnection of one of the motors operating in the application.

The last, but equally important, benefit of a wide voltage range is the protection of the motor against overheating, for example in winch applications or autonomous vehicles. The issue of ensuring proper protection against the motor overheating is particularly important in applications where we deal with highly dynamic movements - fast acceleration and braking. SQ75 series brushless motors allows you to connect an external resistor to dissipate excess energy through a load bank, if required.


The SQ75 is fully safe, thanks to two STO inputs (safe torque off) which enables an emergency stop of the motor, regardless of the microprocessor operation. In the event of a failure, these inputs cut off the power supply from the motor windings. The STO function is activated even in spite of a damaged microcontroller and ensures a high level of security of the safety of the application.

Thanks to the built-in CANopen interface, the SQ75 can be controlled over the network via the standard CAN bus. Galvanic isolation protects against mains interference. The SQ75 can also work completely independently. it’s intelligent functions (speed, position and torque control profiles, and pre-installed test applications) can be configured via USB using the free DCmind Soft + CANopen software.

By collecting information about alarms and monitoring motor operating parameters, the user can plan service activities and even predict the occurrence of a potential device failure.

Highlights of the SQ75

  • Supply voltage: 9 to 75V DC
  • Nominal power: from 300 to 600W
  • Nominal torque: from 1,000 to 1,900mNm
  • Speed range from 1 to 5,000rpm
  • IP67 and IP69
  • Integrated 4096ppr encoder
  • CANopen
  • 75mm faceplate


Crouzet attaches great importance to the proper integration of its products in customer environments, considering both application and user requirements. This is done during the installation, use and maintenance phases.

This is reflected, for example, in the built-in protection against reverse polarity which protects the motor against damage in the event of improper connection of the power cables. In addition, there is the possibility of configuring the motor via a computer and USB cable, the pre-installed applications, or fine tuning of parameters through the DCmind Soft + CANopen software (chart recorder, measurement performance, control loop adjustment and error code information). The user can also carry out diagnostics via the USB port without interrupting the motor operation in the CANopen network and check the communication status with the LED on the front panel.

The 14mm diameter shaft is compatible with many types of gearboxes available on the market, this facilitates straightforward adaptation to the existing application environment. The SQ75 can be supplied with the PM72 and P81 planetary gears or the RAD20 worm gear option.
The front panel is equipped with standard industrial connectors: power, I/O (supporting four digital inputs, two analogue/PWM inputs and two STO type) CAN network cable connection and USB port, as well as the status indicator LED. 

High efficiency, space saving, built-in intelligence and ease of use make the SQ75 series motors fit perfectly with the trend of the increasingly popular use of all-in-one devices, which is visible on the market today.

For more information on the SQ75 brushless motor see the product information below or contact our Motors team for technical advice: 0116 284 9900 or [email protected]

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