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DC Traction Motors by Siboni and Doga

DC traction motors are typically used in applications where some form of vehicle propulsion is required. They are also used in other applications that require a high specific power output such as lifting, pumps, large conveyors etc. 

The motors OEM offer are specifically developed for electric traction applications. Their designs are optimised to maximise the electrical characteristics and mechanical performance, using premium grade materials and high precision machining.

DC traction motors that OEM offer have

  • high efficiency
  • high starting torque
  • high torque linearity
  • high nominal torque

DC traction motor applications

These characteristics, together with a high inertia ratio, optimise performance and autonomy and make these motors highly suited to electric vehicles. The motors are equally suitable for other application situations where high torque and accurate performance characteristics are required.

Locations you might find DC traction motors

  • at the funfair - carousels, bumper cars
  • in care - electric wheelchairs and impaired mobility products
  • in motorcycles - motor scooters and electric bikes
  • at the gym - treadmills
  • in automation - automatic doors and gates
  • on the railway - level crossings, railway or railroad switches

OEM’s offering of DC traction motors

OEM offers a range of DC traction motors from DOGA and Siboni with

  • Outputs from 200 - 1300W
  • Supply voltages from 12 - 48Vdc. This is a wider range of voltages than typically found in brushed DC motors, reducing the current required to achieve the same power.
  • Rated current from 13 - 83A
  • Permanent magnet stator made from sintered ferrite
  • High inertia ratio, particularly suitable for electric vehicles applications
  • Ingress protection grade IP44 to IP69K

Siboni, for example, offer multiple flange options for ease of mounting. They allow quick fitting and precise coupling, with B5 and B14 typically the most widely used.

The DOGA 321 series has been developed to provide a compact, low noise solution to suit industrial applications requiring exceptional environmental protection.

To find out more information about our DC traction motor range, email [email protected] or call 0116 284 9900.


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