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Servomech Linearmech linear motion linear actuators and screw jacks

Linear motion - new range from Linearmech

Servomech is well known for its electromechanical linear actuators, acme and ball screw jacks, ball screws and nuts. Through their Linearmech brand, they bring a viable alternative to traditional air or oil actuators. 

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders have, of course, been used for decades. Now electric motor driven actuators can and are being used to replace them. 

There are at least five good reasons for choosing electrically driven actuators. 

  1. Greater efficiency with lower energy consumption 
  2. Accuracy - better control of position, speed and force
  3. Exact position repeatability 
  4. Better safety and reliability
  5. Lower installation and maintenance costs

The new Linearmech range of linear motion actuators

The new range has a fully modular structure which allows the linear motion actuators to be interchanged with existing cylinders. This gives great flexibility in use, according to customers’ specific requirements. 

The SAM series 

These top-end automation components are compact, sturdy and with low inertia, designed to work at high linear speeds, giving excellent positioning precision and repeatability. They are reliable and long-lasting. 

They have a universal motor interface allowing the high performance Servomech linear unit to be combined with main brand servomotors. They are available with parallel or in-line motor mounting. 

Seven standard sizes are available with linear speeds up to 1,500 mm/s and maximum peak forces of 46 kN. All servo-actuators have ball screws manufactured in-house by Servomech, depending on applications’ different requirements. 

Fixing elements come in a wide range and meet the ISO 15552 standard for pneumatic cylinders, which allows them to be exchanged easily and straightforwardly with existing cylinders. 

The new HSA series 

This new series of linear motion actuators is designed and manufactured to perform at higher speed and under greater load, whilst keeping precise and accurate control of position. 

Lubrication is critical at higher speeds. To meet this requirement, Servomech developed the innovative integrated sealing system and the ball nut relubrication system. The integrated anti-rotation device allows fast and easy lubrication of the nut by simply recalling the actuator to the ‘homing’ position.

HSA Series linear actuators are driven by high performance Gleason bevel gears. Ball screw linear drive, in-house Servomech production, from 25 mm to 80 mm in diameter. 6 different sizes available, load capacity from 5 kN to 150 kN. Linear speed up to 1 m/sec. Standard stroke length up to 1000 mm. Incremental or absolute encoder for positioning control, proximity limit switches for stroke end position. Prepared for IEC standard AC motors and brushless servomotors according to customer’s specific requirements.

What is the difference between Servomech and Linearmech?

Servomech trademark products are linear actuators, screw jacks, ball screws and nuts, bevel gears designed and produced for medium to heavy industrial applications. With different designs and configurations available in a wide range of sizes, Servomech products can perform at high loads and high linear speeds.

Linearmech trademark products are linear actuators and electromechanical servo actuators designed and produced for light to medium industrial applications or for highly automated industrial applications.  Linearmech actuators are suited to industrial applications and automation, food industry, medical industry, construction equipment and agricultural machinery, marine applications, vehicle automation for the disabled, and pneumatic cylinders' replacement.

Both the Linearmech and Servomech products are designed and manufactured by Servomech S.p.a company at their in house Bologna-based 4000 square meter engineering facility.

Servomech and OEM

Servomech employs just over 100 people on its 14,000m² site near Bologna in Italy. Product innovation, design and manufacturing is all in-house. 

Larger industrially rated units from Servomech can be designed and configured to suit your application. For a quotation or to find out more, please contact OEM Automatic’s Motors product specialist at [email protected], call on 0116  284 9900, or request a video meeting here. 

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