Range of Fulling brushless motors

Brushless DC motor packed full of features

Efficient • High performance • Quiet • Compact • Long life • Cost effective
The above words are not often used to describe the same product however the brushless DC motor options from Fulling can be described as exactly that!

Beginning with an alliance of German, Swiss and Chinese companies combining experience of more than 20 years, Changzhou Fulling Motor Co. Ltd was born.
Fulling now design, develop and produce motors for volume applications to ISO9001, IATF16949 and ISO14001 standards.
With motor sizes from 22mm to 110mm diameter and power from 4W to 1400W, a wide range of products are available for most applications.


Driving the motors can be achieved with on-board electronics or a stand-alone drive available from our partners Electromen or Technosoft, giving full closed loop control over speed, torque and position as required.

Suitable for applications where quantities are in excess of 200 pieces per year, Fulling BLDC motors are typically used in the following areas:

• Industrial automation – high precision and long service life

• Medical products – low noise with high performance

• Textile machinery – good IP rating and resilience to vibration

• Banking automation - long life with good EMC performance

• Automotive – long life, high IP rating, wide temperature range and customised solutions for high volumes


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