Tecnoplastic industrial float switches and patented Koala bracket

All about Tecnoplastic and the Koala cable holder

Tecnoplastic, manufacturer of float switches and filters, has released the ‘Koala’ cable holder accessory! Read on to learn about Tecnoplastic and the Koala cable holder.

OEM Automatic stock and distribute Tecnoplastic’s products throughout the UK!

What is Tecnoplastic?

Tecnoplastic is an Italian manufacturing company offering float switches and filters.

Tecnoplastic float switches are used in many industries such as the chemical, electric, and hydraulic industries and are fit for explosive environments.

Float switches designed by Tecnoplastic are made with corrosion-resistant materials, and each product is designed for various purposes.

Here are some examples of where float switches may be used:

  • Drinking water and water treatment 
  • Wastewater
  • Narrow spaces
  • Depth
  • High temperatures
  • General-purpose
  • Control panels and electric components
  • Pumps

Tecnoplastic provides a range of accessories to aid float switches alongside float switches. 

Koala – a patented product 

Tecnoplastic has created the Koala – a useful cable holder accessory. This patented product is a one-of-a-kind.

This cable holder is supplied with dedicated stainless-steel brackets for secure cable management. 

Depending on your requirements, the Koala can be easily fastened to multiple brackets.

Not only this, but this bracket can also hold other standard cable glands of 16mm diameter.

The Koala cable holder reduces the time needed for installation and maintenance as you can hook another float switch on easily when required.

Also, the portion of bended cable is less vulnerable to breakage due to the cable holder. 

Applications that require a float switch would require a Koala cable holder. The Koala is suitable for various building materials such as plastics, plasterboard, wood, or concrete.

OEM are the main stockists for Tecnoplastic in the UK!

Our partnership with Tecnoplastic brings customers benefits such as:

  • Next day delivery on stocked items
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  • Skilled customer service supported by regular training sessions provided by Tecnoplastic

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