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Conta Clip KDSI-SR cable entry system, inverted cable entry


OEMs’ previous cable management article had an interesting insight from Paul Adkins (Product Group Manager at OEM), who explained the importance of cable entry systems and the CONTA-CLIP range itself.   

CONTA-CLIP have now launched a new product to join the KDS family. KDSI- SR inverted cable entries are ideal for control cabinets, enclosures and machines where internal space is restricted. The screw frames enable assembly from the outside and are an extension to the original KDS cable entry system.  

The KDSI-SR is compromised of the frame, click-in inlays; seals and a protective hood, which all guarantee that IP66 protection is achieved.   

What changed? 

  • New mirrored geometry of the frames opening tapers   
  • Additional two-part protective hood  
  • Click-and-plug principle – cable entry openings/seals can reconfigure at any time  
  • Uses the standard inlays and seals form the KDS range 


CONTA-CLIP are a German manufacturer known for their wide range of DIN rail terminals and electronic devices. With 30 years' worth of experience in industries such as automotive, material handling; building automation, and systems engineering, they have used their knowledge to design an innovative range of cable entry systems.  

Previous and existing KDS cable management systems, part of the KDSclick range, include: KDS-R round cable entries; KDS-FP flange plate; KDS-SR screw frame; KDS-FB for flat cables; KES and KES-E and KES-E- R cable entries; KDS-KV split cable glands and accessories too.   

KDSI-SR is the latest addition to the KDSclick range and is a revolution in the cable entry field!  


The KDSI-SR aims to solve the following challenges:  

Challenge: Installing cables into your control panel with limited internal space  

Solution: A full cabinet does not always mean you have space to feed cables out from the inside. The KDSI-SR allows inverted assembly making the cable entry system to be mounted from the outside of the cabinet. With easy dismantling, the one-piece frame can be easily and quickly attached to the wall. So, space is saved.  

Challenge: Is it water-tight?  

Solution: One of the most significant hazards in any electrical control panel is water and moisture. The KDS and KES cable entries enable a tool-free, IP66-sealed feed-through for assembled and unassembled cables, tubes and hoses. Integrated frame gaskets further ensure protection and the conical shape of the sealing elements – pressed into the frame from the outside. The IP66 protection is the main feature that prevents water from getting inside.   

Challenge: Preventing dust  

Solution: Dust ingress can also be a common fault, so this is just as crucial to prevent. KDSI-SR is designed to be dust-tight due to the tight fit of seals used as described, also ensuring static strain relief. The ultra-resistant, conical tapered sealing elements prevent water and dust.  

Challenge: Making them easy to mount  

Solution: The Lego-like structure has been designed to make it easy to assemble the system and ensure protection, so the design has been built around the concept of Lego, preventing mistakes during assembly.  


  • Guarantee strain relief to DIN EN62444  
  • Retrofitting and servicing done quick and easy  
  • High-density assemblies  
  • IP66 protection with integrated fame and cover gasket  
  • 1-way, 2-way, and 4-way seals provide you with excellent versatility   
  • Optional external locking mechanism KDSI-AVR secures the sealing elements so that they cannot be pressed out without tools  
  • Can be used from -40 °C to +120 °  
  • To modify, you can remove and change seal inserts easily   
  • Wave cut seals designed for pre-terminated or unterminated cables  
  • Frames also fit the standard cut-outs for 10-, 16- and 24-pole industrial connectors

Product news
You can watch the CONTA-CLIP KDSI-SR assembly video and learn how to set up the cable entry system.

Our specialist team can also explain more about the system construction and how it can fit into your application.

The Conta-Clip KDS-SR is available now. Email [email protected] to find out more.

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