Panel Product manager Paul and KDS-FB flat cable entry system

The Importance Of Cable Entry Systems - Paul Adkins

To an engineer, a leading product should do at least one of three things; save time, be easy to install or be more flexible than competitors.

In today’s automated world we see a huge variety of applications where all three of these requirements need to be met. More components than ever need to be connected whether to talk to each other, record data or to provide information to a user in real time. Safety is also a concern, with more connectivity comes more power requirements. For some, this proves to be a challenge.

Many applications prove a very hostile environment for sensitive components and connections. Water, chemicals or simple dust can have a huge impact on the performance, safety and reliability of an installation.

For example; a food processing plant, increasing productivity often requires automating processes. Information needs to be passed between sensors and users alike whilst power is delivered safely to all components. Often, connectivity isn’t limited to cables, but hoses, air pipes and conduits also require management.

Having an adaptable, reliable and safe solution to manage these types of cables and connections reduces the amount of maintenance required, improves productivity and ultimately plays a huge role in the success of many industrial installations.



Conta-Clip has invested in their cable management products, developing their already impressive range and ensuring they have a solution for these types of requirements. The KDS and KES range of cable management systems is now one of the most comprehensive on the market. Boasting an IP66 rating, the compact and flexible solution has been designed to manage a vast array of flat and round cables.

The latest edition to the range, the KDS-FB, is an ideal solution for flat cable management, especially when space is at a premium. With a versatile selection of inserts the KDS-FB also earns its flexibility credentials, allowing for a combination of flat and round cables or a large number of round cables, all with a minimal footprint.

Paul Adkins, Product Manager, Panel has been in the automation industry for over 18 years and prior to joining OEM Automatic gained experience in the electronics and communications industry.

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