Range of Auer R series beacons with different lens colours

Auer Signal unveils its R series beacons – the LED design powerhouse

The new R series beacons from Auer Signal are not only the brightest LED light in its category, they also boast an unbelievable range of functions. The R series combines maximum modularity, thoughtful design and functionality within a simple series concept.

Based in Vienna in Austria, Auer describes themselves as ‘louder and brighter since 1910’. The new R series does not let them down. It is the brightest LED-Single beacon in the market and is specially designed for maximum signalling effect.

One Beacon all Functions

Modular and flexible

The R series is a modular system with a wide range of 95mm diameter light modules and 110mm diameter bases to suit any application. This modular design makes it easy to mount and maintain without the need to remove the base once fitted. It also reduces the amount of inventory that will need to be carried, so there is less capital commitment. 

The robust design has an impact rating of IK08 and ingress protection of IP66, making it an all-round solution for any environment.

Light Modules

 There are two light module designs: high (124mm) and compact (68mm).

The high light module is designed for maximum lateral signal effect.

The compact light module is milky-white in colour and provides a beautiful, homogeneous lighting pattern, particularly suitable for indoor use. 


The R series’ LED technology has high energy efficiency, which makes two performance classes possible. The standard performance range (6 x 6 LEDs) has higher luminosity than competitors’ products. The high performance model (12 x 6 LEDs) is suitable for applications in bright sunlight.

There are three models. 

  1. The steady-light beacon is the best choice for standard applications. Available in six calotte colours (amber, red, clear, blue, green and yellow), it is price-optimised, enabling maximum price flexibility in volume projects. 
  2. The multi-function beacon offers steady, strobe, flashing, rotating or pulsating light. It is available in six calotte colours: amber, red, clear, blue, green and yellow.
  3. The multi-colour model has seven colours: red, yellow, green, blue, magenta, turquoise and clear.

Sound of Brightness

Auer has also launched its audible base within the R Series beacon range. You can choose from 32 tones with a powerful sound output of up to 103 dB at a distance of 1 metre, so is well suited for large indoor and outdoor areas. 


Installation is simple and safe. There is a plug-in terminal in the base for convenient electrical wiring. 

The standard base comes with cable entry from below through a grommet, as well as different hole patterns as knockouts for easy installation. 

The universal base has an additional opening for lateral cable entry/exit, and there is an option for pole mounting (on 25mm poles). Other mountings are available: metal brackets for the standard and universal base, metal bracket for the acoustic base, design bracket. 

Working for you

The R series is suitable for use across industrial and general applications such as building services engineering, and machine and plant construction. 

Get in touch with OEM Automatic’s Panel team to discuss how this powerful, flexible and robust beacon system can work for you. 


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