Keep cabinets secure, safe and strong now that OEM Automatic is a UK representative of Industrilas! With our close co-operation and broad competence, OEM can now help with hanging, locking and sealing cabinet doors.

Lock, seal and hang with Industrilas - Our New Supplier

Keep cabinets secure, safe and strong now that OEM Automatic is a UK representative of Industrilas!

With our close co-operation and broad competence, OEM can now help with hanging, locking and sealing cabinet doors.

Who are Industrilas?

Industrilas offer latching systems, handles, hinges and profiles for all kinds of industrial applications.

With over 40 years of experience, Industrilas have designed and manufactured access solutions for a variety of industries.

Industrilas has partnered with world leading HVAC companies and designed several ranges of products, aimed at many different industries and applications.

Typical applications

Due to an elegant appearance and versatility,  the application areas are endless. Access control products from Industrilas have a high-quality mechanical feel and several functional properties. There are an endless list of applications but below are two  popular applications. 

Locking devices for HVAC

A typical industry that you would find Industrilas products in is HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Considerations could be whether the HVAC will be in a cold or warm climate, exposed to weather, and many more. Industrilas have partnered with HVAC companies to develop the perfect access solution for insulated pressurised doors and cabinets.

Industrilas have developed a locking mechanism to prevent hazards in this industry, an example is cabinet doors flying open due to pressure. 

Locking devices in the IT and Telecoms industry

Keep data secure with Industrilas access solutions for IT and Telecommunications. Equipment in this industry needs to be kept safe and operational and must work for a long time period. A robust design and high level of protection is offered by Industrilas products.

Other Industries where Industrilas is successful include commercial vehicles, railway, power generation and distribution amongst many more.

Why are Industrilas access solutions better than others?


Industrilas pride themselves on innovation and have several patented products in their portfolio. 

Trusted for big markets

They are trusted by customers in various industries such as railway, pharmaceutical and food industries where only the highest quality products are used. For example, products are IP rated and have locking mechanisms to prevent hazards.

Approved certification

Industrilas also have a number of approvals and certifications including ISO 9001, products with UL approval and EN ISO 14159 for hygiene applications.

Industrilas offer the promise of a solution for any customer facing a challenge, this may be a standard product which can solve the issue or sometimes it can be the innovation of a new product which has never been seen before. 

A video on Industrilas:

Product news

The industrilas range

Latching systems

Industrilas latching systems

Industrilas offer high-quality latching systems and solutions for various industries worldwide, encompassing conventional quarter-turn latches to the latest mechatronic latches. These are designed to provide secure and reliable fastening for cabinets, enclosures, and other equipment that require frequent access.

Latches come in various sizes, materials, and finishes, making them suitable for multiple applications and environments. We also offer customised solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Industrilas Hinges

Hinges by Industrilas are designed to provide smooth and reliable operation, even under heavy loads and frequent use.

We offer a broad range of hinge types, including concealed hinges, lift-off hinges, butt hinges, continuous hinges and more. Hinges are available in various materials and finishes, including stainless steel, aluminium, and zinc-plated steel, making them suitable for use in diverse environments and applications.

Sealing Profiles

Sealing Profiles

Industrilas Sealing Profiles offer a reliable solution for sealing doors, cabinets, and enclosures in various industries. Designed to provide superior sealing performance, sealing profiles effectively prevent dust, moisture, and other environmental elements from entering the protected area.

Access & locking accessories

In addition, we provide access & locking accessories that include different sizes and shapes of handles and hand rails to fittings and bolts.

Access hardware accessories
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