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PBKZ 4791

Selected variant

Selected variant

Technical data

General Data

Type PCB terminal
Pitch 2,54 mm
Colour Green
Number of poles 2
Approvals UL, cUL, VDE


Rated current 9 A
Rated voltage 130 V
Rated cross section 0,75 mm²
Rated impulse voltage 1,25 kV
Overvoltage category III
Contamination degree 3


Length 12,6 mm
Width 7,62 mm
Height 13,6 mm
Width left 0,9 mm
Width right 4,18 mm
Drillhole diameter 1,2 mm
Diameter of the connection pin 0,7 mm
Length of pin 3,5 mm

Connection Data

Connector type/principle Push-in
Number of levels 1
Angle of PCB/wire connection 0°/180° (horizontal)
Type of attachment to PCB Solder
Electrical connection type to PCB Connecting contact
Cross section single wire from 0,14 mm²
Cross section single wire to 0,75 mm²
Cross section stranded wire from 0,14 mm²
Cross section stranded with ferrule to 0,14 mm²
Cross section stranded wire to 0,75 mm²
Cross section stranded with ferrule from 0,14 mm²
Rated wire cross section to (AWG) 18
Rated wire cross section from (AWG) 26
Stripping length 10 mm

*Invisible Heading*


Housing material Polybutylene terephthalate
Flammability class UL94-V0
Operating temperature from -30 °C
Operating temperature to 105 °C
Terminal spring Stainless steel
Solder lug Brass


UL test standard UL 1059
Rated voltage UL 150 V
Rated current UL 6 A
cUL test standard CSA 22.2 No.158
Rated voltage cUL 150 V
Rated current cUL 6 A
VDE test standard DIN EN 60998
Rated voltage VDE 130 V
Rated current VDE 9 A

Additional Data

Glow wire ignition temperature (GWIT) GWIT 775
Insulation resistance 1*10^13 Ω x cm
Recommended wave soldering temperature 265 °C
Pack size 50
Country of origin QU
Tariff code 85369010
Glow wire flammability index (GWFI) GWFI 850
Weight 1,35 g
Recommended wave solder duration min 3 s
GWFI after-glow time 30 s
GWIT exposure time 5 s
Recommended wave solder duration max 4 s
Current creepage resistance CTI 600
Connection cycles acc. to standard 10



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Parts Number of poles Width Angle of PCB/wire connection Weight Price
2 7,62 mm 0°/180° (horizontal) 1,35 g
2 7,62 mm 90° (vertically upwards) 1,35 g
3 10,16 mm 0°/180° (horizontal) 1,88 g
3 10,16 mm 90° (vertically upwards) 1,88 g
4 12,7 mm 0°/180° (horizontal) 2,39 g
4 12,7 mm 90° (vertically upwards) 2,39 g
5 15,24 mm 0°/180° (horizontal) 2,92 g
5 15,24 mm 90° (vertically upwards) 2,92 g
6 17,78 mm 0°/180° (horizontal) 3,47 g
6 17,78 mm 90° (vertically upwards) 3,47 g
7 20,32 mm 0°/180° (horizontal) 3,96 g
7 20,32 mm 90° (vertically upwards) 3,96 g
8 22,86 mm 0°/180° (horizontal) 4,48 g
8 22,86 mm 90° (vertically upwards) 4,48 g
9 25,4 mm 0°/180° (horizontal) 5,03 g
9 25,4 mm 90° (vertically upwards) 5,03 g
10 27,94 mm 0°/180° (horizontal) 5,55 g
10 27,94 mm 90° (vertically upwards) 5,55 g
11 30,48 mm 0°/180° (horizontal) 6,13 g
11 30,48 mm 90° (vertically upwards) 6,13 g
12 33,02 mm 0°/180° (horizontal) 6,68 g
12 33,02 mm 90° (vertically upwards) 6,68 g

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