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Precision Gearboxes

Planetary gearboxes are widely used in industrial automation to provide desired output speed and torque to suit the application requirements. By design, they are compact and extremely efficient with drivetrain losses of well under 10%. The low inertia of the output shaft makes them ideally suited to dynamic applications.

Our manufacturing partner, Siboni, offer a range of sizes from 34mm to 130mm, the largest size being rated to handle a nominal torque of well over 300Nm. A wide range of reduction ratios is offered from 3:1 to 400:1, with the higher ratios requiring multiple stages.

In-line and right-angle drive options are available, depending on the space constraints of the application and the gearboxes can be mounted to most appropriately sized servo motors. The motor shaft is coupled to the gearbox by means of a bush with integral solar gear, this is typically held in place with a screw clamped collar.

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