Crouzets’ GN solid state relays are back and stronger than ever!

Crouzet has announced its latest release. The classic GN series of solid state relays are back! The GN three-phase is an addition to the classic series and is available in panel mount or DIN rail options. In this article, we are focusing on three new products: the GN3, GNR3 and GN0.

Why use solid state relays? 

Different to electrical mechanical relays, solid state relays have no movable contacts and use semi-conductors that control the switching operation. Solid state relays switch faster and are vibration resistant, noise-free, and have less electromagnetic interference. 

Solid state relays can be used for many applications such as controlling heating elements, plastic injection moulding and food processing equipment. Motors and lighting also include solid state relays.

The original single-phase solid state relays that Crouzet produced, start with these basic features:

  • Long life expectancy - ensured as there are no physical contacts, so there is no potential mechanical wear. Solid state relays from Crouzet are known to operate ‘millions of cycles’
  • Optimum thermal response
  • Can be used in harsh environments due to rugged structure  
  • Overvoltage protection is standard 
  • All part numbers (except essential series) include input and output protection at no extra charge 

What’s new? 

Being an addition to the range, Crouzet have a lot more in store for this solid state relay collection. If you are in the construction, energy or industrial machinery sector – the three-phase series may be required. 

High performance, smart and specialised, NEW features include:

NEW removable covers 

All classic products have removable covers rated to IP20 with cover and IP00 without, also very easily removable. 

NEW design

This design uses lightweight materials with the same power. So, you can use these solid state relays in harsh environments, also EMC compatible. 

The three-phase series is ideal for heavy-duty applications, producing low noise for applications that may be silent. Not forgetting its long service life, this can reverse in a same package way for applications that may be 2-way.

Certifications achievable include international certifications such as CE, CR RU US, UK CA, VDE, and EAC.

Product news
Crouzet three phase solid state relays, GN3, GNR3 and GN0


Reliable and high performing, this series is for industrial motors and heating needs. Each product comes with built-in overvoltage protection and IP20 touch safe housing.

GN3 – Panel mount 

  • Designed for frequent start/stop operation of three-phase motors or heaters 
  • 25A and 50A available 
  • 3 legs control 
  • Zero cross turn-on and instantaneous (random) 

GNR3 – DIN rail mount  

  • Designed for frequent start/stop operation of three-phase motors or heaters 
  • Ready-to-use DIN rail mount included with 25A rating 
  • 20A 
  • Zero cross and special zero cross for resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads

GN0 - Panel mount  

  • Reverse panel mount 
  • For frequent start/stop operation for just three-phase motors 
  • Interlock feature so can start/stop and reverse operation in a safe mode 
  • 25 and 50A 
  • LED control 
  • Special zero cross 

OEM has added the Crouzet three-phase series to our solid-state relay collection, with hopes to add many more Crouzet developments.
Find the suitable solid state relay for your application by emailing [email protected].

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