Crouzet - GNR3 series solid state relay

DIN Rail - AC output Three Phase

  • Output current 25 Amps
  • Zero cross and Special zero cross (resistive, inductive and capacitive loads)
  • LED input status indicator
  • Built-in overvoltage protection

Selected variant

Selected variant

Technical data


Output current 25 A
Output voltage 24-660V ac
Control voltage 4-32V dc
Mounting DIN rail
Type of control Zero voltage turn on
Output voltage 24-660V ac

Output Specification

Transient Voltage 1200 V pk
Maximum off-state leakage current 1 mA rms
1 Second surge current 165
Maximum 1 cycle surge current 530/_(min) 580 (typ)
Maximum on-state voltage drop 1.04V pk
Thermal resistance junction to case 0,55 °C/W
Maximum 1/2 Cycle I² t for fusing (A² sec) 1404/1680
Number of poles 3
Control voltage 4-32V dc

Input Specification

Maximum reverse voltage -32V dc
Minimum turn-on voltage 4V dc

*Invisible Heading*

Must turn-off voltage 2V dc
Input current min 20 mA
Input Current Max 25 mA
Maximum turn-on time (ms) 1/2 cycle
Maximum turn-off time (ms) 1/2 cycle

General Specification

Dielectric strength input to output (50/60Hz) 4000 V rms
Ambient operating temperature -40 … +80°C
Ambient storage temperature -40 … +100°C
Weight 740 g
Height 98 mm
Width 89,8 mm
Depth 104,7 mm
Housing material UL94 V-0
Material base Aluminium
LED input status indicator Green
Approvals CE, cRUus, UKCA



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Parts Type of control Maximum 1 cycle surge current Control voltage Maximum reverse voltage Minimum turn-on voltage Must turn-off voltage Input current min Input Current Max Maximum turn-on time (ms) Maximum turn-off time (ms) Price
Zero voltage turn on
530/_(min) 580 (typ)
4-32V dc
-32V dc
4V dc
2V dc
20 mA
25 mA
1/2 cycle
1/2 cycle
Special zero voltage turn on
530/_ (min) 580 (typ)
24-255 V AC/DC
24V ac/dc
2V ac/dc
5 mA (AC) / 4 mA (DC)
7 mArms

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