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What is a Solid State Relay (SSR)?

A solid state relay is an electronic switching device which is controlled by an external voltage. Solid state relays use semiconductors to control the switching operation. 

What is the difference between a solid state relay and an electro-mechanical relay?

Electro-mechanical relays use coils, springs, magnetic fields and mechanical contacts to control the switch. A solid state relay uses a semiconductor with no moving parts to control the switch. 

What are the advantages of using a solid state relay over an electro-mechanical relay? 

A solid state relay has no moving parts, so does not have a limited contact life cycle like an electro-mechanical relay. These moving parts also cause the electro-mechanical relay to have slower switch speeds compared to SSRs. SSRs are vibration resistant, noise free and produce far less electromagnetic interference compared to an electro-mechanical relay. 

What are common solid state relay applications? 

SSRs can be used to control heating elements in HVAC installations, plastic injection moulding, food processing equipment, any motor applications and lighting systems to name just a few. 

What SSR will I require for my application? 

The Panel team at OEM Automatic can help assist you when choosing a SSR suitable for most applications. Crouzet offer a comprehensive range of SSRs, these include AC output / panel or DIN-rail mount and DC output / panel mount options. The Crouzet SSR range can handle up to 125A / 660 VAC. 

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Why should I choose a Crouzet Solid state relay? 

Crouzet’s solid state relays offer optimum thermal response and while lightweight are rugged enough to be used in harsh environment. All Crouzet SSRs have removable covers which means that they are IP00 and IP20 rated.

Who is Crouzet?

Since 1921, Crouzet have been an independent manufacturer of electromechanical and electronic components for demanding applications such as aerospace & transportation, energy, building and machinery industry. OEM Automatic is the UK sales partner for Crouzet products. Contact our Panel team for more information or to order: [email protected]. Alternatively see the product range below.

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