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New Honsberg OMNIPLUS-F Industrial Thermal Flow Measurement Sensor

Honsberg Omniplus thermal flow measurement sensors
The all-rounder for calorimetry. Fast, reliable and versatile in use.

Meet the new OMNIPLUS-F thermal flow sensor with integrated IO-Link capabilities. The OMNIPLUS-F enables measurement of flow speed, temperature and volume of fluid media.

GHM GROUP’s Honsberg Centre of Competence in Remscheid has been developing and producing industrial sensors for over half a century. They recently introduced the new OMNIPLUS-F, the fastest and most versatile calorimetric sensor on the market. 

‘The new OMNIPLUS-F is the sum of our combined experience in thermal flow measurement,’ commented Oliver Dzierzon from GHM Honsberg.

How does the OMNIPLUS-F work? 

The new sensor measures the flow speed and temperature of liquid media according to the calorimetric measuring principle. When the pipe diameter is known, the sensor is also capable of converting speed into volumetric flow and measuring it. 
It is a reliable all-in-one device designed for industrial use - particularly for cooling and lubrication circuit monitoring, as well as for protecting pumps from running dry.

Features of the OMNIPLUS-F

Using the calorimetric measuring principle, which involves no moving parts and so is practically wear-free, means the OMNIPLUS-F is able to record media temperature as well as flow measurement. The special arrangement of sensors developed by Honsberg in combination with optimised software algorithms makes the OMNIPLUS-F one of the fastest calorimetric flow sensors on the market.
The OMNIPLUS-F also has a meter to measure volumetric flow. All measurement variables are shown on a large and clear display. Outputs can be either analogue or digital, easily chosen by using the unique multifunction ring on the device.

Fit for Industry 4.0 with IO-Link

The IO-Link makes the OMNIPLUS-F a future-proof device for Industry 4.0 applications. Whether for preventative maintenance, process data or measurement recording, the integrated digital interface means the flow sensor is fit for the next evolutionary stage of sensor technology. It provides access to all measurements and status variables and, should they have to be transmitted to a different sensor, there is also access to all configuration parameters.

Why choose the OMNIPLUS-F?

  • Three measurement variables in a single device
  • Reliability by using the wear-free calorimetric measuring principle
  • Quick measurement with a special sensor arrangement and software
  • Fit for the digital future with IO-Link
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Multifunction ring for comfortable parameterisation 
  • Intuitive operation thanks to plain text messages
  • Analogue and digital outputs, configurable for every application 

If you’re looking for a sensor to monitor cooling and lubricant circuits or to protect pumps from running dry, the OMNIPLUS-F is the answer.

For a quotation or to find out more, please contact our pressure and flow product specialist at [email protected], call on 0116  284 9900, or request a video meeting here.  

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