Emerson Asco angle seat valves 290 series

Emerson ASCO 290D & 390D series of angle seat valves

After 25 years of success, Asco valves are considered as reliable and high-quality products. So, Asco have rethought, re-designed and expanded the 290 and 390 angle seat valve series.

Ideal for controlling the flow or pressure of liquids, steam, air, or other gases- even in aggressive environments, the 290/390 series offers ultimate flexibility.

Designed for harsh working conditions and indoor or outdoor installation, this high-flow and versatile product range can be used to control a wide variety of media types and viscosities.

The 290 and 390 series have been refreshed and expanded with a new design, new functions, new control boxes and new fittings.

Why have ASCO re-created the 290 and 390 range?

  • To harmonise the 3 generations of previous valves 
  • To expand the range with new functions, new control boxes, new fittings and increase technical characteristics
  • To develop an anti-corrosion range with stainless steel actuators

So, what’s new about the 290 and 390 series?

A new design which includes:

  • A monobloc disc without nut
  • Robust stainless-steel body PN40 and PN25
  • Improved KV and higher differential pressure
  • New stainless-steel actuator
  • New bistable function allows fast fluid passage in both directions
  • New certifications
  • Laser marking and QR code
  • New 890 series signal boxes

Valve / actuator combinations available:

  • Stainless with Plastic
  • All stainless steel
  • Alternate valve construction, specifically for oxygen, explosive, combustible and food contact applications

Signalling box options using the 290 & 390 Series provides:

  • High visibility
  • IP66, IP69K
  • Mechanical or Inductive options
  • Communication including I/O (available soon)

Product news

Signalling box

Emerson Asco angle seat valves and control tops

Signalling box with light display

Emerson Asco angle seat valves and control tops

Alternate valve construction

Asco 290 & 390 series valves alternate construction

What makes the 290 and 390 series special?

Wide range and choices available

  • 2/2 NC, NO, Bistable, 3/2 NC & NO
  • Choice of port types 
  • Threaded body 
  • Butt weld
  • Clamp
  • Flanged body

An approved design

approvals for asco 290 & 390 angle seat valves, - Ex, IECEx, EACEx, EN161, ISO, CE EAC, UKCA and SIL

With updated certification including HYGIENIC applications.

Certificated approvals for Asco 290 & 390 angle seat valves

Your benefits with the 290 and 390 series

Increases process efficiency

  • Best-in-class flow
  • High level of differential pressure (up to 25 bar)
  • Air or water used for piloting

Reduced downtime

  • Anti-water hammer design
  • High lifetime
  • Safe actuator dismantling
  • No dangerous substances

Reduces engineering time, downtime and costs

  • QR code provides link to video tutorials, speeding up set up time
  • Pilot Port 360° rotation without the need for tools
  • Interchangeable actuators
  • Compact actuators with smaller footprints help reduce overall machine size

This range of angle seat valves may interest you, or you may want to know more about the series. Email [email protected] or call 0116 284 9900 for technical advice. 

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