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Basler computer vision solutions for medical and life sciences

Most of what is required in the medical industry cannot always be seen by the naked eye. In the vision world, those in medical and life science hugely require accurate vision systems to detect, analyse and trace. 

With the help of machine vision systems, we can help to deliver medicines and devices faster, and Basler computer vision systems can be used and incorporated into an automation system.

About medical and life science

A lot is happening in vision technology, and it is indeed a growing sector, especially for medical and life sciences. 

Our involvement in the sector ranges from research and development and lab automation, all the way to the end process of inspection of packaging and product quality.

Find Basler vision systems in medical applications like:

  • Endoscopy and microscopy
  • Ophthalmology
  • Dermatology
  • IC Unit monitoring
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Medical imaging

What is needed for the medical and life science field?

For medics, processes must be extremely accurate to avoid any mistakes.

Components used should be simple to configure and remain easy to use, as medical professionals would be using them frequently.

Flexibility is also a major trend in machine vision as there is a greater need for different outputs like shape, size and consistency.

Basler vision components used in medical and life science

Our Basler portfolio consists of hardware components, software components and the development services that assemble individual components into a fully consistent system.



Cameras with different sensors, resolutions, frame rates, interfaces, and lens mounts.

Basler Blaze Time of Flight Camera

Basler Blaze Time Of Flight Camera

ToF 3D Camera

  • Now with Dual Exposure HDR
  • Frame Rate 30 fps
  • Working range 0 to 10 m
  • Resolution 640x480
  • GigE Vision, GeniCam, GenTL, GenApi compliant
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Basler Ace Compact Camera

Basler ACE GigE USB3.0 and CameraLink Cameras

Ace Classic, Ace U and Ace L

  • VGA to 20 Mpixels
  • Frame Rate up to 751 fps
  • CMOS Sensors with NIR function
  • Camera Link with PoCL
  • Very small housing
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Basler Ace 2 Pro Machine Vision Cameras

Basler Ace 2 5GigE GigE and USB Cameras

  • Up to 24.4MP resolutions
  • 5GigE, GigE and USB3.0 interfaces
  • IMX sensor
  • LED Status
  • Robust M8 contact
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Basler Ace Medical Machine Vision Camera

Basler MED Ace GigE and USB3.0

Cameras for medical industry

  • Now with Dust Protection+
  • Low light imaging
  • In accordance with ISO 13485:2016
  • Up to 164 fps and up to 20 megapixels
  • Ideal for applications in medicine, medical tech and life sciences
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Basler Dart Extremely Small Cameras

Basler Dart USB3.0 Cameras

Extremely Small USB Camera

  • 1.2 - 8.3 Megapixel
  • S-, CS-mount or board level
  • Small, Flexible and Lightweight
  • USB3.0 Vision Compatible
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Basler Boost CoaXpress camera - front and rear view

Basler Boost CoaXPress Cameras

High Speed CXP Camera

  • Excellent image quality with Sony Pregius sensors
  • CoaXPress interface (12.5 Gbps transfer rate)
  • C-mount, 42mm and F-mount lens options
  • Frame rates up to 93fps
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Basler Beat Cameralink camera

Basler Beat CameraLink cameras

High Resolution

  • 12 Mega Pixel
  • High speed and Excellent Quality
  • Super sensitive CMOS sensor
  • More than 60 frames per second
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Basler Racer Line Scan Camera

Basler Racer Line Scan Cameras

GigE & Cameralink Line Cameras

  • 2 k to 12 k resolution
  • Up to 80 kHz Line Rate
  • Monochrome Cameras
  • GigE Vison Compatible
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Lenses with S-. C- and F- mounts, for different formats, all with common focal lengths.


Processing hardware using technology from NVIDIA® and NXP®.

Frame grabber solutions 

Available as a standard or custom design.

Communication and connectivity

Basler has devices with communication and connectivity using many interfaces, as well as IoT-based cloud connectivity.


With trigger boards, lighting, hubs and switches.


Software with driver, system and AI-based application software.

How we work with you

Our technical advisors, with the help of the experts at Basler, select the appropriate individual components that fit your requirements.

We stay in constant dialogue with you and have knowledge of the entire imaging pipeline, guaranteeing an efficient development process.

Our customers benefit from the precise interaction of image capture, processing and analysis. We have already successfully implemented this combination in numerous projects for a wide range of customers,” explains Marcus Birkenfeld, Global Business Leader Medical & Life Sciences at Basler AG.

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