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Dependability and precision are the hallmarks of any product required in the medical industry. PeterPaul has the technology, quality and dedication to support the stringent requirements of medical industry valve applications.

Dependability and precision are the hallmarks of any product required in the medical industry. PeterPaul has the technology, quality and dedication to support the stringent requirements of medical industry valve applications.

PeterPaul valves can be found in medical gas instrumentation systems, industrial gas measuring, instrumentation devices and medical equipment. A variety of medical equipment applications such as adjustable beds, dental office air, liquid applications, and valves for air monitoring systems.

All PeterPaul valves are engineered to handle the most demanding operating conditions. Rest assured, there is no failure, bubble-tight and smooth operations for all your applications.


PeterPaul products have a wide range of features which makes them suitable for medical applications, these include:

  • Small and compact valves for small spaces
  • Lightweight valves when portability is a need
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Low power and energy consumption provides e¬fficiency and reduce the environmental footprint.
  • A wide variety of voltages are available suiting different applications
  • Several seal materials that accommodate different media
  • A large variety of coil electrical connections is available
  • Stacking multifunction valves (up to 10 stations) is easy due to PeterPaul’s design and extremely Cost-effective
  • Valves are available in aluminium, stainless steel, brass and plastic
  • The simple manifold mount allows for many different applications based on the number of valves needed
  • A welded body to the sleeve and the weld in tubes for port connections provide leak-proof and cleanliness
  • Power ranges as low as .5 to 18 watts
  • Orifice sizes are available from .6 mil-3” to accommodate nearly any flow requirement
  • 10-32 ports or manifold mount
  • Type of ports: NPT, UNF, BSPT and SAE

Total temperature range:

  • (Class A, non-molded coil rated at 105 degrees C)
  • (Class F, molded coil rated at 155 degrees C)
  • (Class H, molded coil rated 180 degrees C)

Certifications: U.L., CSA, NSF

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  • Advanced electronic design technology has led to the production of these AC input, DC operation valves
  • Quiet, “no click” performance and cooler running temperatures are used extensively where noise and heat are undesirable
  • Available in all valves


  • The revolutionary design uses an all-plastic bobbin core as the sleeve, simplifying its manufacture, providing a low cost, high-quality part
  • The finished assembly is over moulded with Dupont® Rynite®
  • Applications include laboratory equipment and media analysis devices
  • 1/8” NPT with a plastic body


  • Low-power design for medical environments where power is limited or continuous power application causes unwanted coil heat
  • External latching component adapts to any Series 20, 30 or 80 valve.
  • Single encapsulated coil/magnet assembly, brass body, and an integral form “A“ DIN connection
  • Standard in 6, 12, 24, and 28 volts DC. Other voltages available


  • Designed for applications where the valve can be completely submerged
  • Water-resistant for immersible or wetted equipment and submerged operations
  • 2 and 3-way valves available with 1 or 2 lead wires


  • Designed to meet stringent purity requirements in analysis equipment and other applications requiring all welded components
  • Available with various options including 3-way operation and diode rectifer coils for quiet operation
  • Continuous operation at maximum rated pressure


  • Applications include laboratory analysis equipment.
  • Design of stacking valve bodies for Series 15/50 valves calls for a passivated stainless steel or aluminium body
  • Common in, common out, 2-way and 3-way versions available


  • Custom integration of components based on customer requirements
  • Unlimited interface options for media, power, and components


  • Uses include vacuum chambers for sterilization
  • Feature high flows, bubble tight standard vacuum ¬fittings, and standard flanges for international use, and where purity requirements allow no trapped particles on the inner diameter


  • Up to 5000 PSI
  • Kel-F pin sealing element
  • Ori¬fice guides the sealing pin for perfect alignment
  • Simple construction, only three moving parts


Opportunity: To develop a reliable and leak-free high-pressure unit for argon, helium, nitrous oxide and other media in cryoablation applications with a small footprint.

Solution: Design a four-station manifold to remove leak points by eliminating plumbing.

Applied Application: Used to control the flow of the high-pressure gas into syringes for cryoablation surgery, where gas is used to freeze cancer cells.

Benefit 1: PeterPaul valves allow the HPE process to yield pure dry hydrogen.

Benefit 2: By pressurizing the hydrogen in the electrolyser, the need for an external high-pressure compressor is eliminated.

Benefit 3: Reduces assembly costs and is aesthetically more appealing with a more organized system that includes a desiccant drying system as well as controlling the delivery with solenoid valves.

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