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Electromen - EM-241-SAF

DC motor positioning drive 12-24Vdc, 15A, analogue feedback

  • 12-24Vdc, 15A continuous, 30A peak
  • Set value & feedback input, 0-5V, 0-11V, 0-20mA or potentiometer
  • Positioning accuracy max. 0.2%
  • Speed, direction, current limiting, soft start/stop and range adjustment control
  • Compact, DIN rail mountable

Product description

EM-241-SAF is a positioning driver to be used with DC-motors. The solid state power stage operates with high efficiency as it is

realized with FET-transistors. Its literally everlasting compared to relay solutions. Control and feedback is done with analog signal.

Control signal can be a voltage in range of 0 to 11V or current from 0 to 20mA. Feedback signal can be in the range from 0 to 11V.

Driver supports also a potentiometer feedback, with auxiliary voltage outputs of 0V and 5,5V to exitate the potentiometer.

The max. accuracy available for positioningof is 0,2% that is adequate for most actuator positioning applications.

The settings and adjustments are done with parameters as in all new generation Electromen products. Movement range can be

modified from both ends with SW-limit parameters. Current limits and driving speeds can be set individually for both directions.

Driver includes also many other dynamic adjustment possibilities like parameters for load compensation, dead-zone setting

(positioning window), start and stop ramps for a smooth direction change and braking zone for well operating positioning.

The parameter setting and status monitoring is done with EM-236 Interface Unit. With EM-236 the right parameters can also be

easily copied to other driver units. The on-board LED-light indicates the possible fault situations with blinking codes. If needed,

the fault can be forwarded trough combiport to other driver cards. Alternatively this port can be set to give out the "position OK"

information or it can even indicate the position with an analog voltage signal. Device is EMC tested for industrial and household

environment and operating temperature range is quite wide.

There are also some housing options available for EM-241-SAF driver card.



- analog feedback

- voltage or mA control

- position accuracy max. 0,2%

- solid state power stage

- small size, great performance

- digitally settable parameters

- verstile dynamic settings

- housing options available

- CE marked


DC motor positioning drive 12-24 V dc, 15 A, analogue FB

Technical data

Analogue input 0-5V or 0-11V or 0-20mA
Control type Speed, Direction, Torque, Position, Soft start / stop
Current setting range 0.1-20A
Dimensions length x width x height 72x42x25mm mm
Logic input high >4V = ON
Logic input low <1V = OFF
Max continuous current 15 A
Mounting DIN rail
Operating temperature -40°C...+60°C
Peak current 30 A
PWM frequency 2kHz
Suitable engine DC
Supplier Electromen
Supply voltage 12 V DC, 24 V DC
Weight 80 g

Measurements and connections

Technical illustrations


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