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Minimotor - BCE2000MP worm gear motor with planetary reduction

  • 12 or 24Vdc
  • 37W delivered power
  • Up to 15Nm rated torque
  • Compact and powerful
  • IP65 as standard

Product description

High quality, designed from the ground up to IP65 rated compact gear motor.


Physically smaller than the majority of similar powered gear motors due to the use of high quality components in precision manufacturing.


Ideally suited to many applications, including label and packaging machines, conveyors, pharmaceutical and medical machinery


MOTOR: Direct current with permanent magnets, enclosed. Class F winding. 12 or 24 Vdc power. Absorbed power 60 W. IP65 protection according to CEI EN 60529.

GEAR UNIT: Die-cast aluminium case in first reduction stage, with worm screw and in steel in second planetary reduction stage with three internal planetary gears, ratio i=5. Centre distance 20 mm. Bronze ring with hardness 110 HB. Hardened steel screw with ground thread. Fluoridated polymer (FPM) grommets. Lubrication with synthetic oil (EP). 6 reduction gear ratios are available: 50/75/125/225/300/400.


Please click here for 2D and 3D drawings

Part numbers

Parts Price Input voltage dc Nominal speed Nominal torque Output power Rated current Ratio
12V 56 rpm 5,27 Nm 37 W 5A A 50:1
24V 56 rpm 5,27 Nm 37 W 2.5A A 50:1
12V 37,3 rpm 7,5 Nm 37 W 5A A 75:1
24V 37,3 rpm 7,5 Nm 37 W 2.5A A 75:1
12V 22,4 rpm 11,5 Nm 37 W 5A A 125:1
24V 22,4 rpm 11,5 Nm 37 W 2.5A A 125:1
12V 13,4 rpm 15 Nm 34 W 4.2A A 225:1
24V 13,4 rpm 15 Nm 34 W 2.1A A 225:1
12V 10,5 rpm 15 Nm 30 W 3.4A A 300:1
24V 10,5 rpm 15 Nm 30 W 1.7A A 300:1
12V 8,1 rpm 15 Nm 27 W 3A A 400:1
24V 8,1 rpm 15 Nm 27 W 1.5A A 400:1


12V dc 56rpm 5.27Nm

Technical data

Input voltage dc 12V
IP class IP65
Nominal speed 56 rpm
Nominal torque 5,27 Nm
Output power 37 W
Rated current 5A A
Ratio 50:1


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