AI Vision Kit

Basler’s AI Vision Solution kit is a fully integrated development kit with cloud connectivity.  For IIoT vision applications all parts must operate seamlessly, requiring extensive knowledge. However, Basler enables developers to move directly into developing their IIoT vision system, all necessary hardware and software components are integrated into a ready-to-use prototyping kit. 

Basler first defined all the components needed for a system:

  1. Data acquisition: A data stream of images, generated by a camera;
  2. Data processing: Powerful hardware to process image data;
  3. Data analytics: A machine learning algorithm needed to perform the inference and
  4. Connectivity: Ability to use cloud services and send meta data to the cloud (data storage, analytics).

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This system offers new and efficient approach for rapid prototyping, the kit includes a Basler Dart BCON for MIPI camera, an NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Board, lens, cables and power supply. Additionally, it includes all necessary drivers, software as well as cloud support and therefore offers a complete plug and play design-in package for rapid prototyping of AI-based IoT applications.


The AI Vision Solution Kit is an embedded vision system for easy prototyping of IoT/IIoT vision solutions. Basler’s newly developed software architecture (Basler Container Management and Cloud Connector) is integrated into the hard- and software design. Cloud services, Amazon SageMaker and Amazon SageMaker NEO, help machine learning models to be optimized and are ready for download to the device. There are two options for machine learning models on the system, developers can choose either Basler’s ML models or integrate their own. 

The Basler dart BCON for MIPI camera can be configured, developers can use the pylon camera software to simplify operability of the camera but still supports optimal image quality. After the inference is done on the kit, the resulting meta data can be sent to the AWS cloud and stored using AWS IoT Core.

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