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OEM Automatic strengthens its Pressure and Flow offering with Definox partnership

The Definox Group, specialists in the design and manufacture of stainless steel valves are now an OEM Automatic partner.

Established in 1968, Definox have a long history and vast experience in the design and manufacture of valves. Today, their products are sold in over 50 countries and are used by many of the leading brands in the food, cosmetics, fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.

The new partnership opens a multitude of new business possibilities for both OEM and Definox.

Neil Bailey, Business Area Manager, Pressure and Flow comments “Definox’s industry leading products can be used in conjunction with our existing product ranges, which means we’re now able to offer complete solutions for a wider range of applications. From manually operated ball valves to fully automated mix proof valves, all the way to a complete pigging system. This puts us in a really strong position in the process industry.”

Definox have recently launched the innovative VEOX Mixproof Valve, fitted with two valve seats, each with a "floating" PFA seal in a special slot that makes the valve extremely easy to clean. When the valve opens, the "floating" PFA seal allows cleaning also in the track behind the PFA seal. The elastomeric structure of the PFA seal also ensures that the surface is not porous and does not develop cracks and is extremely resistant to chemicals. 

The Mixproof valve is also available with leak-free opening: Sliding gaskets that guarantee complete tightness and therefore avoid product loss during opening. The VEOX meets the highest requirements of the process industry and is an ideal solution for food, brewery, cosmetics and chemical process. 

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