Jung Process Systems HYGHSPIN series hygienic pumps

Jung Process Systems joins our Pressure & Flow product offering

OEM Automatic is very pleased to welcome Jung Process Systems as a new supplier. JPS is a specialist manufacturer of twin-screw pumps, producing the complete pump from their manufacturing plant in Kummerfeld, Germany.

Neil Bailey, Head of OEM Automatic’s Pressure and Flow comments:

“ Our partnership with JPS is the result of our strategy to expand our current process product range whilst maintaining the high quality and performance our customers enjoy and have come to expect from our products. JPS offer a standard range of products and also have the capability to customise their products. The versatility of twin screw pump technology and its ability to pump various viscous media, offered by a leading manufacturer, makes them a perfect addition to the growing process product range OEM has to offer. ”

JPS’ HYGHSPIN twin-screw pumps are hygienic, gentle and economic

Jung Process Systems is well-known for its HYGHSPIN twin-screw pumps. Hygienic, gentle and economic are three words that sum the pumps up and make them an excellent choice in the food and other industries where liquids with varying viscosities need to be moved.

They have the advantages of:

  • a wide operating range: the same pump can be used for both pumping and cleaning of the product (CIP & SIP)
  • offering very gentle and pulsation-free pumping: axial transfer of the product
  • self-absorption: the feed tank is emptied at the end of pumping
  • the pumped product may contain air / gas (max. 60%)
  • wear-resistant construction as the pump is non-contact 


The HYGHSPIN twin-screw pump has clear advantages over other types of pumps such as centrifugal, lobe rotor and gear, especially in terms of flexibility and pulsation-free flow.

It is highly efficient as it is suitable for use with free-flowing products of virtually any consistency (whether high water content, highly viscous, particulate, fibrous or with gas mixture). 

HYGHSPIN is service-friendly and has very good suction capacity, carefully handling all free-flowing products in volumes up to 300 m³ / h. It is compatible with CIP systems so no bypass circuit with pipes and valves needs to be installed and it can also be used as a CIP pump. 

The HYGHSPIN twin-screw pump offers reduced investment and maintenance costs, saving time and money. 

It is available in a compact mounted version in sizes 50, 70 and 90 and with a free shaft in sizes 70, 90 and 125. 

Pumps made of clear material have yields between <0.1… 300m³ / h, pressure up to 35 bar depending on size and design, and viscosity between 0.5… 1,000,000cSt. The pumps also have EHEDG, 3A and ATEX certifications required by the food industry.

Typical application examples

In food production such as the dairy industry, and in manufacturing chocolate and confectionery, ketchup and sauces, baby food, minced meat, sausage batter, ice cream and dough.

In beverage production such as in breweries, and in manufacturing malt, fruit juice, syrups and concentrates.

In the pharmaceutical industry such as WFI.

In the cosmetic industry such as in manufacturing creams, lotions, soaps and skin care products.

In the chemical industry such as manufacturing adhesives, solvents, paints, varnishes and spirits.

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