Discover high performance with SUCO pressure sensors

Pressure sensors, otherwise known as pressure transmitters/transducers or pressure converters - provide outstanding overpressure protection, media compatibility and high repeatability with SUCO'S sophisticated pressure sensor range.

Based on silicon-on-sapphire technology, thick film technology and oil-filled measuring cells - SUCO cleverly developed a generation of pressure sensors designed for harsh conditions and industrial environments.

SUCO offer a cost-effective pressure monitoring solution and can handle all kinds of media due to the high overpressure safety and long life-time.

Let's investigate SUCO and their pressure sensor range in detail…


Used in pneumatic or hydraulic applications, SUCO pressure sensors can handle any media.

Common applications include:

  • Medical Technology
  • Mobile hydraulics,
  • Off-shore/marine environments
  • High-pressure systems
  • Flow control systems
  • Oil and gas measurement

SUCO pressure sensors 

Pressure sensors convert pneumatic or hydraulic pressure into an electric output signal, like a current or voltage.

SUCO offer their product series with the following:

Ceramic measuring cells - made up of a sintered ceramic body, the body sleeve has geometries for the pressure range. The resistors are also imprinted with thick film technology, interconnecting and forming a measuring bridge.

Silicon-on-Sapphire technology (SoS) -  ensures high repeatability, reliability and accuracy in process monitoring. The silicon and sapphire work together to create durability, silicon is grown onto the surface of the sapphire, making the sensor incredibly stable. Sapphire properties allow the sensor to operate over a very wide temperature range without loss of performance and elasticity, ensuring high repeatability.

Oil-filled stainless steel measuring cells - contain fluoride oil, making the measuring cell virtually free of any external mechanical stress. The fluoride oil has properties that work perfectly for oxygen applications.

Any series that starts in 07 contains the SoS technology. Series' starting in 06 include ceramic sensor and thick film technology.

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Suco high performance pressure sensors

SUCO's range at OEM

Below are the SUCO ranges that OEM offer to our customers, all used for different objectives.

0705/0710/0720 – Using SoS technology 

This series contains Silicon-on-Sapphire technology and is made of stainless steel and titanium. Typical applications include mobile hydraulics, off-shore/marine, high-pressure systems and more.

Key points:

  • Overpressure protection up to 4x
  • Long service life even under high-pressure change rates
  • All welded design and no elastomeric seal
  • Low-temperature error

0601/0602 – Ceramic sensor in thick film technology

Models starting in 06 are ceramic sensors in thick film technology, within a stainless-steel body, smaller and compact.

Commonly used in mobile hydraulics and power packs, the 0601/0602 pressure sensor is small, compact and cost-effective. This model comes in six standard pressure ranges and four different electrical connectors with a thread of G1/4 and 0-10V or 4-20mA outputs.

Key points:

  • Very attractively priced
  • High overpressure protection
  • High level of adaptability to requirements (custom solutions)
  • Housing made of stainless steel

0675/0680/0690 – Robust pressure sensor

Vacuum applications would be most suitable for this series, as they are made for low pressures and the stainless-steel housing is excellent for seawater, chemical and process technology applications.

Key points:

  • Long life time even under high-pressure change rates
  • Has a highly sensitive piezo-resistive sensor in measuring cells, filled with oil, guaranteeing a high level of accuracy, repeatability and long-term stability
  • Different sealing materials are available, enabling deployment in broad temperature ranges and with a diverse array of media

SUCO pressure sensors are available to order with SUCOS' new Plasma cleaning service, perfect for oxygen applications. You will find more out about this in our plasma screening article.

If you're interested and want to find out more information, email [email protected] and a helpful advisor will help you every step of the way.

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