Stego smart connect digital sensor CSS 014 IO-LINK

The STEGO Smart Sensor Goes Digital!

STEGO has developed a ‘plug-in’ IO-Link device for temperature and humidity monitoring called the Smart Sensor CSS 014 IO-Link. The Smart Sensor can easily and accurately be integrated into (remote) monitoring or predictive maintenance concepts. The Smart Sensor is suitable for installation inside and outside the enclosure, even in harsh environmental conditions as can be found in the wind power industry: in shielded outdoor areas and exposed to vibrations.


  • Digital interface according to the IO-Link protocol 
  • Small dimensions (140 x 40 x 38 mm) 
  • DIN clip and screw mounting 
  • Connection via 3-pole standard cable (unshielded) with M12 plug 
  • Wide measuring range for temperature and humidity (-40 to +80 °C / 0 to 100 % RH) 
  • Housing IP20, Sensor IP57
  • Can be used with ‘other’ IO-Link systems or part of the STEGO Connect

Here is an example of how the STEGO Smart Sensor can be integrated and connected into a control or monitoring unit, e.g. a PLC control or the STEGO Connect IO-Link system.

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Connection example for Stego smart connect digital sensor CSS 014 IO-LINK

Who are STEGO?

STEGO pride themselves on creating reliable, highly technical and user-friendly products within the field of climate control of enclosures and appliance cabinets. Their manufacturing facilities and headquarters can be found in southern Germany. 

As well as smart sensors for temperature and humidity monitoring, STEGO have a wide range of products including heating, cooling and lighting options for electrical control panels. 

The Panel Team at OEM Automatic are on hand to advise on any STEGO product enquiries. You can contact them by calling 0116 284 9900 or email [email protected]

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